How did I become an Islington escort?

Kiki’s story;

Like many Japanese escorts in London, I started my career as a working girl giving erotic massage from a flat with two other girls. I didn’t know at the time that anything more than one girl offering sex in a flat constitutes a brothel, so the first place I worked was raided by the police. A lot of Oriental escorts now work on the coastal towns so I decided to move to Islington. I set up my own massage flat and started to advertise as an Islington escort in local newspapers and also on some escort directory websites. Oriental escorts in Islington are very popular with local English men because they like the very petite girls, they also like young teenage girls very much. If any girls want to start in this business it is a good place because there are lots of rich men in Islington. Japanese escorts are in demand because we know how to treat men, back in Japan it is traditional for mothers to instruct their daughters how to pleasure a man so that he won't stray and visit other women or local prostitutes. Which I guess is quite ironic being as I am now a local Islington prostitute and local married men come to me for sexual services rather than being faithful to their wife.

Ask Kiki;

Should students who work as part-time escorts in Islington be allowed to continue with their studies? Well, of course threatening students with a ban is not the best solution, even if in some cases, it's the student that makes it public for a reason or another. For sure, if we see this phenomenon, there are different reasons such as the values ​​of our society and the challenges that the young students are facing. The cost of the university has raised for different reasons and the present result affects everybody. In my opinion, what could be done is establishing psychological help for the students, as long as with a financial planning consultation, that should be mandatory for every student. And with these consultations, we could avoid some bad situations. Talking specifically of Holloway escorts who are also university students, I believe that sometimes is just a student with some sexual confidence, deciding to take this way, instead of others.

Timmy’s story;

From an early age, I always wanted to be a dancer. Everyone in my family now tells me that they knew I was gay from the age of five. As a femboy escort in Islington, I am booked solidly almost every day. Almost all of my clients are middle-aged married men who come to my flat in the Angel area of Islington. As an Islington rent boy who offers all sexual services, including anal sex, rimming both ways, oral to completion, cum in mouth, you name it and I’ll do it sort of thing, I get incredibly busy. Although there are many gay guys in Islington, meeting a fem-boy who is always available for a quick blow-job for fifty quid makes me one of the busiest gay escorts in Islington. I still long to be a dancer and still go to auditions in London almost once a week, but for now, I’m happy servicing my clients.

Ask Timmy;

Should universities counsel young students who are thinking of working for Highgate escort agencies? Of course, I don't know all the situations, but it seems to me that is an easier solution: I have friends that work and study at the same time. I can see that it is hard to focus on your studies if you work at the same time. And you also want to have some free time. So concluding, I think that, yes, a university can do more by keeping an eye on their students. At the same time, the students are adults and if they feel like doing this way, then they are free to do so: I believe that there are other solutions, maybe more difficult, for overcoming this financial problem.

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