Ask An Escort; Karen is a 34-year-old escort in Hackney:

How did you become one of the most popular escorts in Hackney? Personality. I know it sounds cheesy but...erotic massage girl work is actually more about personality than just looking good. I talk a lot with my clients. Many of them have become regulars that I've been seeing for years. I ask them why they keep coming back to me and what their experiences have been with other escort girls. The number one complaint that they have with other escort girls is lack of personality. It's obvious to them that the girl is only there for the money. The guys want to be loved. They want a connection when they come to the Hackney massage parlour. I give that to them and that's why I'm overbooked.

Do you remember the first client you had sex with? Yes, it was 10 years ago now. I was very nervous. I should probably give that guy his money back if I could. I may be older now, but I know I give a much better service. I was an amateur then and had no idea what I was doing. Now I've been a Hackney adultwork escort for a decade. Indeed yes. It was a right fumble. Probably the guy would've had more fun on his own haha. I was so very nervous. I remember. Really, there's no need to be. I know it's the same for all new escort girls but honestly, there's nothing to be scared of. The Hackney escort agency I was working at when I first began was fantastic. They helped me with expectations and made everything feel good. I remember leaving work that first night and looking at the wad of cash in my hands as I sat on the bus home. I was so excited - I couldn't wait to get to the shops the next day and spend it all on clothes.

Do escorts, in general, enjoy having sex with multiple men every day? Of course, and all of the older escorts I know would say the same thing. Every mature escort I know in the Hackney massage parlours is a little nympho. It's the younger teen escorts in Dalston that can be more transactional. Sometimes you get that vibe off them. And like I said, if they're just there for the money, the clients see it too. These guys aren't stupid - they can tell. Some of the youngsters just want to take the cash and run. I'm a professional and take pride in giving my guys the best time. But yeah, to return to the question... I still love sex - both in my personal life and with clients.

What is the most requested service you get from clients at your Hackney escort agency? Girlfriend experience. I'm sure you've had this answer every time you've asked this question. It's well-known across the industry. Guys are looking for the affection they're missing in their lives - more than a good hard f*cking. That's the biggest misconception of the game I think. Not for a minute. I was born for this. I'm not the best looking girl - but good enough. I have a good personality and I know how to please + get the most from each session. In another life, I reckon I was a top salesperson. I can't think of a better way to have spent the last 10 years. I own two apartments in Hackney, have a nest-egg of retirement savings and I've travelled all over the world. Not too many girls that drop out of school at 16 does so well.

What should a girl do if she's looking to become an escort in Clapton? So it's very rare to start as an independent escort. You're going to want to sign up at a Hackney massage parlour. The best place to look is to go to the escort directory and find a few numbers to call. Go meet some people and find where you feel most comfortable. Commit to giving it 2 months before you quit. Like I said, I was so nervous when I first started. You can't really enjoy it when you're so nervous but you get past this. The big money is what helped push me through that beginning period. Now I make crazy good money and love my job! So yeah...if you're going to give it a go...give it a little time before you cast judgement and quit. It's something you grow into. That's a hard question. It depends on her personality, to be honest. If she was a confident girl and had a healthy mindset and a good character - yes, I'd push her into the industry. If she was shy and lacked confidence or was prone to depression - then no. Either you can use the industry or the industry can use you. A confident girl can come in here and have a lot of fun and make more money than she ever dreamed of. Even if she's just average looking. A low self-esteem girl might be too sensitive and take everything personally.

What's next for you? How long will you continue? I'm 34 now. I see myself doing this for another few years. I don't have a family and probably will never have one now but I would like to find a man to settle down within my old age. I have some other interests that I would like to pursue. I love making clothes and I'd like to put myself through college to get a qualification in this and then see where that takes me. It will be hard to say 'no' to the easy money that I earn in this game. So we'll see what happens. I might even think about opening my own escort agency in Stoke Newington. Again, no chance of giving up this line of work for the foreseeable future.


The story of Kate, a University student who became one of the most sought after Hackney escorts.

A once-shiny black kettle clicked next to the kitchen hobs and the crescendo of bubbling began to immediately simmer down. Kate, a slim dark-haired girl with a straight, small nose, hazel eyes and thin lips, padded barefoot over to the kettle across from the sofa, which she had just been battling to stay awake on. She poured its steaming contents into her sports direct mug, which contained two heaped teaspoons of Nescafe Gold. A massively oversized New York Giants t-shirt enveloped her body, her hair was up in a messy bun. She sighed and carefully made her way back to the sofa trying, and failing, not to spill any coffee. Her feet hurt; it was those damned stilettos. The mug found its resting place on a scrabble-inspired coffee mat with a K5 on it. She flicked on the tv in the background and reached for a crumpled envelope that was lying on the coffee table. It had been there since last night. She pulled out the thick wad of cash from within and began to count it. She had not bothered last night; all she had been worried about was showering and going to bed. All in all, she counted £700 in the twenties.  That was nearly her London rent for the month.
She doubted many students could pay off their month's rent in a few hours' work. And it was work, she took little pleasure in it, but she was good at it and she earnt a lot of money doing it. Just like most other people with high-paying jobs.
It was a Saturday morning, which meant she would be out again tonight but that was hours and hours away yet. She could relax. Her coffee had cooled down just enough for her to take that first sip, which more often than not will still scold the inside of one's mouth. A contented sigh escaped her lips at the taste of the strong black coffee.
The door to Hannah's room, her flatmate, opened and with it came the heady aroma of Chanel no.5. Kate and Hannah were not great friends, not anymore, but they lived together out of necessity; none of their friends could afford to live in a place like this. And in turn, it made no sense for Hannah or Kate to live in a typical student house with its dodgy plumbing, paper-thin walls or questionable cleanliness, not with the money they both had.
'Good morning.' chirped Hannah, her eyes lingering on the bulging crumpled envelope as she sat down on one of the chairs around the coffee table.
'Morning.' replied Kate, with just enough terseness in her voice to let Hannah know that she knew was she was thinking. 
'Busy night last night?'
'Just the two clients actually.'
'Yes two, don't say it like that.'
'Like what? I didn't mean anything by it-, it's just, oh you know I wish you would just consider getting a daddy like me. It's so much more… palatable.'
'Oh, that's the wrong word. Kate, you know what I'm trying to say.'
'I do and I'm not in the mood for this conversation, not now, we've had it before.'
'Oh, but Kate, we could find you someone nice, someone caring, someone to look after you.'
'I don't need looking after, Hannah. The thought of having one of your daddies, urgh, it just makes me sick. I don't want to be dependent on some greying millionaire degenerate. And if you really think he cares'
'Don't talk about David like that!' Hannah clutched her Louis Vuitton bag tightly as she said it.  David had bought it for her last week and she had been overjoyed, Hannah loved all things Louis Vuitton.
'Fine, then don't come at me with your fake pity.'
'I'm concerned, that's all. You expose yourself to all sorts of people working as an escort in Finsbury Park.'
'At least I'm not exposing myself to emotional entrapment in exchange for money.'
'I'd rather be emotionally entrapped than, well, you know.  Anyways it's just for during uni and then a few years after.'
'And then what? Are you going to get a job? I doubt it and you won't be getting any younger.'
That had hurt. Kate's mild hangover was making her snappy.
'You know what Kate? You can be so hurtful sometimes. I was only trying to help. Right, I'm off to see him now, we're going for lunch and then some drinks. I'll probably be back this evening.'
That was the third time this week.
'I'm working tonight so I probably won't see you.'
'Right, of course, you are.'
Hannah got up and smoothed down her Burberry coat, repositioned her beret and Louis Vuitton bag and made for the door.  She did not say goodbye. Neither did Kate.
'Urgh.' Kate made a disgruntled noise.
She hated being condescended to. It was her choice, her prerogative to decide what she did with her body and how she made money. She ran her hands through her long dark brown hair, she always did this when she was stressed. What annoyed her more was that it was coming from Hannah.
Kate disliked the whole notion of being a sugar baby. There was something slimy about it.  Being tied to some old rich guy. 'Urgh.'
Her skin crawled at the thought of it. At least she had control over the people she had sex with, she did not have to sleep with them again if she did not want to. Being a sugar baby however meant that Hannah was tied in, and the daddies knew it too. They knew that girls like Hannah loved all the frills and whistles too much to help themselves. A new designer bag every other month or so and they would keep them coming back.
Kate did it as a means to make money. How else was she meant to pay for university, get a degree, get a career and not wind up aged 21 with an insurmountable amount of debt? It was a joke. How on earth people just went to uni, got on the piss for three years and left with a 2:1 was beyond her. It was a waste. But not her, not Kate, she was up to date on rent, tuition fees and even had money in the bank all because she had chosen to exercise her prerogative.
She lifted her mug to her lips and sipped her coffee. It was cold. 'Fuck.'
She padded back across to the kettle, wincing at her sore feet as she went.

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