Why are students signing on to become Kingston escorts?

Teenagers and university students in Kingston are turning to sex work, instead of traditional part-time occupations such as bar-work and retail. Once upon a time, this line of work was sneered at by those who saw Kingston escorts as a lowly vocation. Associated with poverty, pimps and prostitutes.

These days, it just makes sense. Many might squirm at the prospect of their prized and precious offspring turning to what some might see as prostitution. But in many cases it is more so a form of sponsored companionship. And let's face it, with our society undergoing such a welcome liberal overhaul, what's to stop them monetising access to their bodies as well. If a university student becomes a Kingston escort she is empowering herself. She is in control of the situation between escort and client. 

Also, it is predominantly female students and teenagers who are reaping the rewards of this accessible and lucrative wave of becoming a modern sex worker in Kingston . Women have always suffered at the hands of covert (and overt) societal oppression. And now, as acceptance has finally actually reached the point of becoming ‘cool', what's to stop our bright, young generation from acquiring capital via more contemporary means? If you spent a few too many pennies yesterday doing an online clothes haul. Why not earn it back in 20 minutes by visiting a client as a Kingston escort? It really is that easy for a lot of teenagers. Escorting can be hugely fruitful, and for many, it might not even require leaving the comforts of your university bedroom.

Will teenage escorts regret their choice in years to come?

It is ultimately your choice, and the work just makes sense. You can find clients instantly in an app. Work your own hours, and fill your pockets rapid-style in a way no other standard Saturday job could provide. And it's never been more difficult to get a ‘normal' job, especially as a young person. So why even waste your time trying to get one, only for you to be overworked, underpaid and subsequently fed up anyway?

Christian values of marriage have been on the decline for over a century, and sex has, escorting aside, become more of a transactional past-time rather than symbolic of a conjugal bond. If you're sleeping with a new fella or taking a new girl home every weekend, then why not cash in while doing so? Our connection to sex has, and is changing, and the working climate should, and certainly is, reflecting this. 

Essentially, these young teen escorts in Kingston who are turning to sex workers are doing exactly what the generations before them perhaps wanted to do. But the institutions in place and impending societal judgments were simply too much of an obstacle to dodge back then. Our students and young people will rightly continue to harness their sprightly looks for financial gain before age makes them less desirable. Just as our handymen will work their arses off until time calls and they aren't strong enough to labour anymore. It's really not too hard to get your head around. 

Why do married men visit Kingston escorts, is there more to it than just sex?

SO statistics tell us that about 20% of married men are unfaithful to their spouses by visiting a local escorts in Kingston. It's a shocking figure and one which suggests that values of fidelity, respect and monogamy central to traditional notions of marriage are disappearing. Just as quickly as the rise in divorce figures and the emergence of Tinder and other quick-fix dating or virtual sex websites, which make sex both instant and disposable.

Despite the percentage of married men visiting escorts and Kingston prostitutes remaining low, the question still remains? just why do they do it and is it truly such a deplorable and shameful act or is there a valid psychology behind this "roaming"?

Why do married men visit massage parlours in Kingston?

Contrary to popular belief, those seeking sex from a stranger are not limited to a forgotten population of lonely men. From experimental teenagers to widowed pensioners, curious boyfriends to, indeed, happily married men, escorts and prostitutes fulfil a plethora of personal needs and can become somewhat subtly interconnected in the network of often more complex circumstances. The first thing to bear in mind in this conscience problem is that men have a far more enhanced and budding sex drive and regular sexual release. For most, is a natural and arguably more vital component of their human psyche and existence.

Can a married man visiting an escort help a marriage?

According to medical research, important chemicals are released in partnered intercourse, which are not in solitary masturbatory fantasies. In terms of marital relationships, sex over time can become an increasingly non-reciprocal or solely routine act with husbands requiring more than their wives. And, as Sexual Psychologist, Helen Kaplan has affirmed. Desiring a wider range of sexual practices that their other half can be reluctant to offer or that the married man himself, is reluctant to request. This void in a relationship can not only cause persistent silent frustration for married men. But can spawn damaging feelings of bitterness and tension in a relationship, propelling an impulse towards wanderlust. Essentially, having sex outside of marriage can placate this male carnal desire and accordingly promote greater harmony in a relationship...or so it may be considered.

If a married man visits an escort is it cheating?

But ultimately, can this behaviour be labelled as "cheating?" Many sex therapists argue that it is precisely the fact that the sexual experience, being largely a cold, emotional transaction, is what justifies such behaviour as acceptable to married men. Many married men don't consider sexual encounters with local Kingston escorts anything other than a bit of light relief from the stress of everyday life.  Participating in sexual relations with an escort or a Kingston prostitute, courtesy of an online websites or the more habitual "gentleman's club" or "salon" removes the risk of any emotional connection. Some marriages even engage in private deals realising the potential of loveless sexual practice for the husband as a boost to their own private marital sexlife.

In 2018, the BBC One series, "Wanderlust," provided viewers with a novel yet long-awaited and illuminating insight into a very real and familiar issue for married couples worldwide. Reassuring to many, its six episodes imparted a rather risqué appreciation of the need for some married couples to seek sex elsewhere as a way to renew that honeymoon buzz of early married life.  Although the series did not touch on the world of escorts or prostitutes. It nevertheless shone light on why extra marital activity may become a necessary evil for both married men and women and how centripetal forces of love can in fact make marriages even stronger.

Are Kingston prostitutes just escorts by another name?

With this in mind, married men seek Kingston upon Thames escorts and prostitutes for non-committal sexual gratification with others. Which, in many cases, might ironically be helping to keep their own marriage well and truly alive. Anonymous sex can be instant, forgettable and meaningless and to the married man therefore, it becomes only ever a soulless physical act. Secular to the sacred nucleus of their own marriage. Of course, polemics will dictate the debate on morality at the core of this issue and particularly those with religious conviction will be horrified at the predilection towards such conduct. Yet, beginning to unravel the reasons behind these tendencies is the first step to at least understanding what lies at the core of human relations. An awakening to the twisted fairy tale truth behind a lasting marriage. And perhaps an overall appreciation of the inhomogeneity of men and women: their individual needs, in or outside of marriage.

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