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This is the tagline of Ashley Madison - a controversial Canadian online escorts service uniquely targeted towards those married and in relationships, which came to widespread public attention in 2015 following the release of users' private information by hackers. The scandal prompted immense criticism of the site, for its blatant promotion of infidelity and its secret storing of supposedly ‘deleted’ data that users had paid to erase, as well as the mass of extortion scammers following the hack, ‘female’ user bots on the site and other tricky fees. However, after a few subsequent rebrands and security updates, Ashley Madison owners are reporting gaining another 30 million users on the site since the scandal - but what is it that keeps them coming back?

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While generally regarded as a site for ‘bored’ businessmen and ‘lonely’ housewives, many users of all backgrounds have reported finding a sense of excitement and fulfillment on the site that they lack within their marriage, both sexual and emotional. For those in busy relationships that are dominated by careers and children and leave little time for intimacy, some feel that the spark between them and their partner has depleted so much they would rather seek sexual fulfillment elsewhere, or feel that their sexual needs are not being met within their marriage. Similarly, many feel psychologically trapped with their partners and do not receive the companionship and emotional support they need but are not in a position to get a divorce or break up their families. Some are in stages of separation, while others are unsatisfied but do not want to hurt their partner's feelings. Following the recent isolated social environment, many also seek an outlet from the stress of their marriages whilst being stuck in the house. For all of these individuals, having an affair is the preferable option rather than divorcing in order to find an entirely new partner, and using Ashley Madison allows them to do this discreetly and easily.

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Regardless of the type of arrangement sought after, Ashley Madison creates an environment where affairs are accepted, as per its bold tagline and other marketing materials. Many users say that this attitude builds a foundation of honesty on the site from which they feel they can truly discuss their individual needs with others they meet there and find a more genuine sense of companionship as a result of having nothing to hide about their intentions. This kind of open-minded approach towards the taboo of infidelity, and the promotion of embracing one's true desires rather than remaining trapped in an unfulfilling relationship, is both controversial and arguably progressive in its prompting of exploration and subversion of the ideals of monogamy. Certainly, polyamory and open relationships are discussed within the marketing materials & Ashley Madison blog - subjects not usually explored by mainstream companies afraid to deviate from social norms. This dialogue helps to create a sense of inclusivity towards polyamorous individuals and encourages users to explore their own personal emotions, relationship dynamics, and views in a healthy and judgment-free way.

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Ashley Madison marketing strategists have even been quoted suggesting that the high number of users on the site prove that ‘monogamy is not in [our] DNA’ and that from secret extramarital affairs to consensual polyamory, ‘outsourcing’ multiple people into one’s sex and love life may be the way toward personal fulfillment for many more individuals than what would otherwise be expected. Of course, the developers also recognise the need for privacy within the reality of seeking an affair and provide features to cater to this on the site. Screen Names, blurred pay-to-view profile photos, and short bios provide a balance between obscuring a users identity while still highlighting their qualities, likes, and dislikes to potential partners. Interestingly, the site also has a feature where male profiles have to buy credits to message others whereas female profiles do not, perhaps to capitalise on the number of men on the site, or based on the common assumption that men cheat more than women.

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Ashley Madison has been criticized by some for its paid-access features being expensive, although it has also been said in reviews that using those such as ‘Priority Man’ and ‘Travelling Man’ (which put the users' profile at the top of the search results, and allow up to 30 custom priority messages to be sent to women in an area the user is travelling to, respectively) has significantly increased individual success in contacting a potentially viable partner. Using this kind of tiered approach on an escorts website in order to match partners is arguably innovative, both in creating revenue for the Ashley Madison company and streamlining the matches between users quickly and effectively. A user’s willingness to spend money on the site may also be particularly enticing to potential matches by suggesting both affluence and genuine dedication and subsequently may also boost the chance of success in the relationship.

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Overall then, it appears that the combination of the privacy and efficiency-oriented site features, the open-minded and somewhat controversial marketing approach, and the unique and honest environment that is created as a result of this, is why so many users have both joined and returned to Ashley Madison since 2015. More importantly, however, is the plethora of users who have found personal fulfillment through a boosted sex life and emotional connection as a result of having an affair on the site. Ashley Madison’s popularity and user reviews demonstrate that society is gradually moving away from traditional ideas of monogamy in favour of incorporating multiple people into our sexual and romantic lives instead, with an increasingly accepting and understanding attitude towards this. While the site currently capitalises on the secrecy of and social disdain towards infidelity, it would be even better to see it promote more healthy and rewarding options for all people involved in the relationships in the future - including open relationships, non-judgemental communication between couples, meditation advice and more.