What is it like dating a Richmond escort ?

For a lot of people, any reference to the sex industry immediately conjures up a lewd tableau rife with sleaze, exploitation and sex. In their minds, it is the preserve of the morally and sexually depraved, no place for any decent human being leading a normal life. While these attitudes are justifiable given the widely disclosed ills of the trade, they also serve to cloak the fact that a large number of sex workers who voluntarily offer sexual services for financial benefit are just as normal as the average Joe or Jane working a steady nine-to-five.

Are there Thai girls working in massage parlours in Richmond? 

Hard as it is to imagine, they do have bills to pay, friends to meet, families that care about them and partners who love them. I'm sure that last statement drew more than a few upraised eyebrows but it is true, a lot of active sex workers are engaged in committed relationships, some of them long-term. This realisation does get one thinking though; just what is it like dating an escort? There’s only one way to find out though.

Do all escorts in Richmond upon Thames give girlfriend experience? 

For starters, a relationship with a Richmond escort does not equate to a life of endless sex. Think about it from a practical standpoint. If you are engaged in physically exhausting work for extended hours, you aren't really craving more of that action once you get home. If anything, you would want a nice quiet conversation with your partner or maybe a movie marathon to cleanse yourself of the day's exertions. This is why a lot of people from the sex industry find it extremely hard to forge a meaningful romantic relationship. When an escort is asked for GFE throughout her working day it is hard to imagine that she can be a real girlfriend when she is not with a client.  There is a major mismatch of expectations. While the woman or man from the sex industry is looking for someone to love, the person they are dating is looking for a turbo-charged sex machine.

What is the difference between visiting Asian massage parlours in Richmond and hiring an escort?

Aside from the obvious, if you are entering into a relationship with an escort who is selling their body for sex, you probably need to divorce yourself from your previously held notions of physical intimacy. You need to align yourself with the understanding that the person you are dating is getting sweaty with someone else on a regular basis. I know this might sound obvious to someone planning to visit Richmond massage parlours. But what often sounds straightforward on paper turns out to be less so in the bright light of reality. Feelings of jealousy inevitably creep into the mind of even the most sexually liberal among us, and giving them careful consideration instead of hastily dismissing them can eliminate a lot of future tension.

Can I hire a Richmond escort agency girl just for a dinner?

You also need to be ready for all the other unique burdens of the sex trade that will stray into your relationship. The most annoying of these will be unexpected client calls, texts or emails at all odd hours of the day. The pursuers of paid sex are oftentimes deeply physically and emotionally needy individuals, and them not being able to get through to their preferred person of pleasure can cause frustration and anger. These emotions could force them to look elsewhere for their thrills, which translates to a loss of business and reputation for your partner. So prepare yourself to regularly hear your partner talking dirty over the phone. It helps to think of it as a business call or message, which it essentially is, although the nature of the business strays far from the conventional.

Do clients ever fall in love with their favourite escorts?

Which brings me to my final point about dating Richmond escorts: breaking free of the stereotypical understanding of the sex trade. As I previously stated, the sex industry bears with it a gamut of evils, but these should not colour your whole perception of escorts. At the end of the day, they are real people with real lives doing real jobs. Although their profession may not fit the traditional mould for a career, this should never keep you from appreciating their companionship and unique personality.

Brothels in Richmond – should we make them legal? 

The legalisation of brothels, and wider aspects of the sex work industry, have featured prominently in media debates and parliament. Strangely, common themes such as safety, the need to properly address poverty and to protect vulnerable members of society from exploitation stretch across the divide. Both sides look to parliament for the answer, but each expect different answers…

Are Richmond massage parlours the same as brothels?

Currently, sex work is legal but running or working in a brothel is not. For some reason a massage parlour in Richmond can have more than one girl offering sexual services. Interest groups and organisations who are campaigning for the legalisation of brothels stress the need to establish regulated and safe spaces for people (predominantly women) to freely and safely engage in sex work. They cite statistics which point to the increased vulnerability of women who under current UK laws are forced to work alone in socially isolated conditions for fear of arrest or even up to 7 years in prison. In a recent interview Niki Adams, a spokesperson for the English Collective of Prostitutes (ECP), spoke of a recent tragic case where a woman working alone was attacked after which she didn’t want to work alone ever again. Adams explains that she started working from another woman’s flat for her own safety and was quickly arrested for brothel-keeping. Though the case was dropped in court months later (following extensive campaigning from Adams’ own ECP) it shows how the criminalisation of brothels has resulted in truly shocking stories. 

Who benefits from making brothels legal?

The debate is complex and both sides argue their case emotively. However, one thing is clear - by towing the legislative middle-ground the government is endangering more lives than it could be protecting. These lives are predominantly female, disproportionately non-white and have been systematically excluded from the legislative system which propends to protect all citizens. By including spaces where sex work can be safely regulated within the legislative sphere, the government can extend its reach to members of society who have been systematically ignored under the guise of ‘moral politics’. Legalising brothels is a good place to start, and examples of this being done successfully can be found in one of the UK’s closest allies – the US.

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Could the Nevada Solution work well in Richmond

Nevada is the only state in America where brothels (locally referred to as ‘saunas’) are legal. Interestingly, there has recently been a backlash and a movement to restrict this legislation or out-law them entirely. However, when local citizens were polled, an overwhelming majority of people voted to keep them. While statistics are unclear because of the dedication to privacy which most of these ‘saunas’ stake both their pride and their reputation on, it is estimated that these legal brothels service roughly 500,000 patrons each year. They form a lively and growing part of an otherwise stagnant economy, with sex workers routinely reporting take home pay of over 1 million dollars a year (even after giving half their earnings to the houses in which they work). In return, these brothels offer a safe space to conduct business, with many offering routine STI, HIV and AIDs checks, as well as pre checks on customers to drastically minimise the rate of infection. One of the benefits that no one really talks about of formalising sex work in this way (namely by tying it to a physical property) is that it would become a source of considerable financial revenue for local and national authorities. Consider the arguments for business rates – a tax known for being the easiest to enforce and hardest to evade!

The increased tax profit facilitated by legalising Richmond escorts and massage girls in Richmond could be funneled into improved social services such as the NHS, social care or even to helping people transition to other lines of work. Remarkably, in an interview the manager of a prominent Nevadan brothel reported that most of her employees transitioned into care work after working in the brothels for a number of years, she stressed the “transferrable skills” learned doing sex work and even described sex work itself as a form of care work.

What are the alternatives to making brothels legal?

Obviously massage parlours in Richmond with more than one girl working is the answer for the protection of sex workers. Without a the safe physical and legal space which could be easily facilitated and regulated by legalising brothels, sex workers in Richmond are forced to work behind the scenes and rely on informal word of mouth warnings about potentially dangerous customers, or do their own screening through underground online platforms (which are also under review by government, and may be made illegal given the direction of legislative travel within Whitehall). 

Legalisation is the safest, easiest and most lucrative answer

In short, permitting brothels in the UK would benefit the people choosing to work in the industry, help to destigmatise sex work for both the workers and the patrons and further would accrue economic benefits to be enjoyed by Government and wider society. 

What’s the Difference Between an Escort and Richmond Prostitutes? 

To speak in Layman’s terms, when looking up the terms ‘escort’ and ‘prostitute’ in the English Collins Dictionary, there are different definitions for each: 

So, to be a clear definition between the two, but is it always as black and white as this? Do some Richmond escorts offer sex in exchange for money? And do some prostitutes in Richmond act as a plus one for social events? 

Perhaps an escort in Richmond can be paid initially to attend a social event, but after getting to know their client and perhaps with the addition of alcohol, the escort may then be open to sexual advances. Equally, a Richmond prostitute may sleep with a client and then be asked to be a plus one at their friend’s wedding. But, technically speaking, both the escort and prostitute have provided the service they were paid for, so anything that happens after that is down to their consent. The events that occur after the service can be seen as something that’s completely separate to their work. 

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