Ask an escort; Mary 68 is granny escort in Oxford:

Q; Is there much demand for mature escorts in Oxford?

A; You’d be surprised, I get lots of enquiries from all over the country.

Q; You advertise yourself as a granny escort in Oxford, what type of clients do you see?

A; Most of the clients that I see are guys aged around thirty, I get lots of younger guys who want to have a sexual encounter with a granny for the first time. I’m very experienced in giving a man just what he wants, I never clock watch so my clients feel that they are having an illicit affair rather than seeing an escort in Oxford.

Q: You mentioned the word prostitute, is that how you see yourself?

A; Let’s not beat around the bush, anyone who knows anything about Oxford escorts knows that the girls call themselves escorts but really they are prostitutes by another name, maybe because I come from a different generation, but that’s how I see it.

Q; So you don’t see any difference between an escort in Oxford and a prostitute in Oxford?

A; Well, I understand that traditionally a prostitute walks the streets and picks up punters in cars and an escort works from a massage flat. But let’s be honest, it’s not a massage flat in Oxford, nobody gives a massage, it’s just a few words to get round the advertising rules. I mean all the websites and newspapers that let girls advertise massage services or escort services know that the girls are prostitutes. If I could, I would advertise myself as ‘prostitute in Oxford lets men fuck her for money’ but no one would allow that.

Q; How long have you been working as an Oxford escort?

A; I’ve been ‘on the game’ for over forty years. I started walking the beat in Kings Cross when there were hundreds of girls plying their trade. In those days you could go to Kings Cross at any hour of the day and you would find lots of all different girls, black prostitutes, Teenage girls just starting out in the business, although it could be a dangerous occupation it did have some funny sides to it.

Q; What made you choose to work in Oxford?

A; I got my first massage parlour which was very busy, I worked there with another mature escort and a young Oriental escort, in those days you were only supposed to have one girl working in a flat, which kept the police off your backs, but we got raided and had to close. 

Q; Do you like having sex with clients?

A; Definitely, you couldn’t do this job if you didn’t like men and having sex with lots of different men is one of the perks of the job, whenever I meet a straight woman who’s not an escort, the first question she will ask me is ‘what’s it like going with lots of men? When I say it’s great they smile. 

Q Are there many mature escorts in Oxford?

A; I believe I’m the oldest escort in Oxford, But there are a lot of mature escorts around. You’ve only got to look at the porn videos to see how many mature porn videos are featuring women over 60. I’ve recently seen ads for mature escorts in London required by a London escort agency, which shows that the business is never ending, even when you’re a pensioner. 

Q; Would you work as a webcam model?

A; Of course, if I thought I could make extra money I would give it a go.

Q; Did you know there is an adult webcam site that is for escorts, where clients can view an escort before they visit, see a cam model and then visit her

A; sounds like a really good idea, punters can get to know the girl first, see if they like her and then go round and fuck her. What could be better.  

Should universities do more to help stop young students becoming Oxford escorts to help fund their studies?

You're at university. You're enjoying this years-long party and an opportunity to experience your youthful right to be free, spend money how you want, not to mention do what you want, when you want. What happens when the money runs out? Or do you spend too much too soon? Nowhere to get money from? Maxed-out overdraft? As a woman who's been to university and spent all of her money in a heartbeat (what earthly genius made it possible to buy a pint for £2.00 and double up your spirit for £1.00??), I know the financial gremlin that lingers around, spitting constant reminders about where the next cash inflow is coming from. 

Many students find jobs and there are many out there to supplement the loss of cash flow whilst away from home, but why are so many students turning to escort agencies for part-time work? To some, it's no big deal, to others it is not even worth thinking about. Allow me to righteously point out from the get-go that it is entirely the choice of the individual to do as they please with their own bodies and minds! However, is that positive, supportive high-five to independence smothering the reality that is potentially very easy to ignore? As a woman, when I think about the stages of escorting, I think about what it actually requires of me. I can easily sit in a bar with a man and entertain empty conversation, including a bit of harmless flirting. I could, I suppose, allow him to pat my behind whilst we dance later on… I would begin to feel awkward and presumptuous about his expectations once back at his place (or a hotel room?) for a nightcap. 

This is the point where I am unable to move on. Can I picture myself slowly removing each item of clothing (or worse, letting this man who was a stranger to me several hours earlier remove them for me) until I am naked, vulnerable and exposed? What about allowing this man to touch me, everywhere, eventually entering his penis inside me and knowing he can do this however he wants because he is paying for it? 

At this point in thought I am filled with shivers, sickness and discomfort. It is one thing to 'say' that you give consent, but if in your mind, you don't really want it- are you lying about your real consent inside? "Sex is not always a requirement!" I hear those in support of this line of work say, which indeed offers those working in it a chance to decide for themselves what they will and will not do. 

Are students aware that working as an escort in Oxford involves sexual intimacy with most clients? 

More and more students are turning to what is known as adult work to fund their student lifestyles with one in 25 students (4%) committing to this (The Independent). Adultwork escorts in Oxford can be anything from telephone sex, to casual dating, becoming a sugar baby and actually having sex with someone for money. The big question I ask is; 

Does it all count as prostitution whilst every service is transactional for money? What worries me is the lack of mental and emotional support given to those who work for Oxford escort agencies. I believe that this line of work does not come without a negative effect on mental health and it requires an awful lot of pretending, acting and at the worse end, giving up very intimate parts of yourself. Does prostitution change a person? If we could prove that it does, should universities do more to help stop students becoming escorts to fund their studies? 

What type of student becomes an escort in Oxford?

Sell your body to pay your rent. This is the reality for students now, facing extortionate bills and cost of living , with minimum employment opportunities; this cash trap for young people is leading them to apply to escorting agencies. The appeal of getting ten times the amount of wages, for half the amount of work, draws in students, desperate for money. 

With part time jobs paying lower than the minimum wage for students, who are arguably the demographic most needing the extra funds. Escorting allows students to fund their personal life style and fulfil the responsibility of monetary ties. I myself having been in this position, being drawn in times of economic hardship, to the possibility of sexual services, such as exotic dancing. Or the darker side of the internet sex industry. With sales of used underwear garnering up to £60 a pair. This exploitative option for students is an example of the extreme lack of university intervention and aid. With accessible employment advice from the university and available jobs for students at an equal fair wage. Helping to combat students turning to Oxford escort agency sites for money. Providing a safe space for students to express concerns about sourcing income, and remaining financially secure, universities are lacking in these resources. 

Are teen escorts in Oxford in demand?

The student loan is the reason that many university students are considering working for a local escort agency.  The government provides students with a large amount of money, in one sum. This can be problematic for students who have minimal experience with budgeting. Yet material cost for courses also cause distress. Extra costs not being factored into the budgeting of the loan , despite being mandatory to complete courses, leave students in despair. Having the university provide more resources for the individual student to study, may alleviate the financial burden, as well as providing more education on monetary responsibility. However this should be implemented earlier in education, to ensure preparation for living away from home. 

Moreover university / student accommodation is not adequately subsidised in accordance to the sum of loan received. Meaning to serve as an alternative living arrangement to renting from a private landlord. The accommodation in some instances, especially in London, are adding over £200 to the cost of rent in halls, compared to private rentals. This is an injustice to students who already have extortionate debt and private bills to afford. Having universities provide a more affordable living alternative , especially for the majority of those students who are leaving home for the first time. Assuring the student will be able to live comfortably and focus on studies. 

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Do Universities have accountability for their students? 

Universities have a responsibility for their students' welfare. The increase in students turning to Oxford escort agencies is an injustice to those young men and women trying to garner an education. Although it is a personal choice to enter the business the sex industry is a valid industry to work in. It's when there's no alternative that this becomes problematic. Students should not have to sell themselves to afford textbooks and rent. Hopefully with further intervention , with funding and education , the option of becoming a teen escort in Oxford should not have to be an option. 


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