Ask An Escort; Bea 35 is a married blonde escort in Plymouth:

Q: As a married Plymouth escort does your husband mind you having sex with clients?

A; Before I became an escort we were a swinging couple, we would meet other couples and single men for wife swapping gatherings, so my husband was quite used to seeing me have sex and letting other men fuck me.

Q; Did your husband encourage you to become an escort in Plymouth?

A; Not encouraged in that sense, I mean he isn’t a pimp. We discussed the issue of me working as an escort for a long time before we both made the decision that it was the right thing to do. 

Q; How did you start as a working girl?

A; At the time we were living in a small council house in the worst part of Manchester, so before I started being an escort here I was a Devon escort.

Q; you didn’t like the escort scene?

A; No it was okay, but our plan was always to make enough money so that we could buy a house on the coast near Devon.

Q; Are you a horny housewife?

A; Most definitely, I still miss the days when we went to swingers parties and I enjoy the attention of single men or married men. Becoming an escort in Plymouth was a natural extension of my over active sex life.

Q; You used the term prostitute, do you see yourself as a Plymouth escort or prostitute?

A; I don’t mind the word prostitute, I sell my pussy for money, isn’t that what prostitutes do?

Q; Are your neighbours aware that you are an escort?

A; Yes, all of them, it’s hard not to know when every day there are 6 or more different men coming to the door. 

Q; Do your neighbours mind the fact they live next door to a local Plymouth prostitute?

A; The women are not too keen on me, but their husbands always smile and say hello, I wonder why!

Q; Are there many Plymouth escorts working?

A;  A few working girls are in the area, there are a couple of teen escorts in Plymouth who do a lot of trade, but there is also a red light district in Plymouth, being a port town with ferry links to Roscoff and St Malo there are actual prostitutes in Plymouth who work the docks.

Q; How many clients do you normally see in a day?

A; Around six clients a day come through my door, Most of them are married men. I have built up a really good regular client base, some married men come all the way from Exeter to sample my delights.

Q; Is there much business for an escort in Plymouth?

A; We did our homework before we chose Plymouth to settle in. Plymouth has a population of over 250,000 people, many are mature men so we felt there would be sufficient numbers of guys who would like to see a horny local housewife who offered escort services in Plymouth.

Do all clients want sex with escorts in Plymouth? 

The terms escort and prostitute are thrown around a lot in films, TV and real life, but what do they mean? Are they the same thing? Let’s find out...

An escort is someone who sells their time, this time doesn’t include sex. They could be hired for anything from a few hours to entire months at a time, depending on the role they are fulfilling. One could be hired for many reasons, they might be used simply for company on a night out if you have no one else or you might want a guaranteed fantastic night out as you are essentially paying them to make it a good time. 

If you're feeling pressure to get married and don’t really want to, you could hire an escort to be your partner for events. You can also tell them exactly how to act and what to say as you are paying them to be there, so why not make them into the dream partner? You might also hire an escort to fulfill life long fantasies, maybe your partner is not into your fantasy or its very specific and they don’t fit the bill, an escort might be the answer.

Onto prostitutes, this is someone who is paid for their time to carry out sexual act. Compared to an escort a prostitute is hired for a much shorter length of time, usually just a few hours. Quite self explanatory when and why you would hire a prostitute, maybe for fulfilling sexual fantasies but probably not a family gathering! Despite the escort and prostitute being interchangeable in the media they are actually pretty different job titles, it is very important to know your end goal when deciding which one to hire. 

Why do some students choose to fund their studies by working for a Plymouth escort agency site and should universities do more to prevent this? 

Going to university can be a difficult process, it presents many trials and tribulations that students may not have faced before. Whether it be living away from parents, managing a busy schedule or simply coping with the pressure-induced stress of it all; it can be enough to unhinge even the most academically gifted mind. One of the most challenging aspects of transitioning into higher education is the cost involved, the dreaded price tag that tails behind the glimmering promise of a successful career. In England, standard undergraduate tuition fees alone can be up to £9,250 per year and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Although the UK government provides support such as full tuition and maintenance loans, students often find themselves in financial difficulty due to the ever-rising cost of living, for instance accommodation rent prices. 

Is working as a teen 18 year old escort in Plymouth a suitable part-time job for a student?

Those studying intensive courses are more likely to rely on government funds as opposed to part-time employment and use as their primary source of income due to time restraints, such as coursework deadlines. It is recommended by universities that if students are to partake in employment, it is kept at an absolute maximum of 10-15 hours per week to ensure academic progression is not negatively impacted. On the other hand, maintenance loans aren't a fixed amount and depend on circumstance, meaning that some students will receive higher figures than others. However, even full maintenance loans do not cover everything that is needed; unless savings or other supports are available to counter this, for many there is no choice but to work more hours than recommended and trade potential study time for money in order to survive.  

Are Plymouth escort agencies recruiting students as sex workers?

In 2019, it was found that UK students are using a surprising way to combat this problem- it is estimated that 1 in 20 use sex work and escort services to fund their studies and keep up with living costs. This may seem like the ideal solution, but it does not come without its risks and possible long-term implications, such as failing background checks for future employment. The dangers involved with work of this kind promotes the importance of support services within universities and supplementary funding from the government. Restructuring and prioritising the current academic financial system to accommodate for all students struggling with finance throughout the year will not only reduce the number of people seeking out additional income, but will also improve student performance as more time will be spent focusing on coursework than worrying about money. 

This site does not promote human trafficking or any type of illegal sex work, nor is any content within this site an offer for Adult contacts in Plymouth to advertise or sell sex in return for money. Escorts in Plymouth are paid for their time as a companion only.

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