Ask An Escort; June is an Asian escort in Newbury:

Do you consider yourself a Reading escort or a prostitute? 

I know that a lot of people regard escorts as just common prostitutes but we do provide a service to the local male community. If it wasn’t for local escorts providing sexual relief to hundreds of men every day there would be more men having affairs and marriages would inevitably collapse. Whether we are regarded as prostitutes or whores is up to the individual. Basically we provide a sexual service that meets the needs of the local punters of Reading.

Do escorts in Reading have orgasms when they are with clients? 

I obviously can’t speak for all escorts in Reading, and I know nearly all of them, but I know that I achieve multiple orgasms when a man wants to give me oral. Having a man go down on me is by far the best experience, sexually, for most working girls, having full sexual intercourse is fine with my boyfriend but with clients, it’s usually over with too quickly for me to achieve any real satisfaction, but with oral I can cum very quickly.

Are there many escorts in Reading? 

Oh yes, there are lots of escorts, in fact, there are lots of escorts everywhere. Finding local escorts, whether it’s young teen escorts in Newbury, Oriental massage girls or housewives who escort part-time to make a few quid, finding the best escorts in Bracknell or Newbury is easy on xlamma.

Do escorts in Reading have boyfriends? 

That’s like asking do escorts have cars? Some do, some don’t. If a girl has a boyfriend then he had better be working otherwise he will be regarded as a pimp. My boyfriend knows that I am a working girl, he knew before we met and he says he’s ok with it. I think most girls want to have a boyfriend but it can be difficult maintaining a relationship with a girl that has sex with other men for a living. You would have to question a guy's motives if he accepts the girl as a sex worker.

Where Do Men Look on the Internet to find escorts in Reading? 

Most men go online to find an escort, the choice is wide and diverse. No matter what type of girl you want, you will find the perfect escort in Reading on xlamma.

What’s it like to be an escort? 

The job doesn’t suit every girl, you need to be very headstrong and capable of commanding every situation. If you don’t mind men sticking their cocks inside you, in your mouth and sometimes up your arse then you will be fine. I’m joking really, I enjoy my position, it gives me freedom, lots of money and I’ve met some really nice guys who I sometimes go out to dinner with.

How do escorts feel about selling sex for money? 

Well, I find it empowering, having clients pay me to lick my feet, suck my tits and then I masturbate them. As a massage girl in Reading, what more could a girl want? A guy will pay me £60 just to tug him off, I mean what’s not to like. Guys pay me to take me out for drinks, the buy me presents and then pay me to have sex with them.

Do escorts in Reading like having sex with clients? 

Do girls like sex, absolutely? Having sex with clients is great if the guy knows how to treat a girl. Personally I can’t get enough sex, I love it.

Do escorts like anal sex? 

The young teen escorts in Reading have grown up with the phenomenon of boys wanting anal sex. I think this is due to the number of porn stars who perform anal on video. To the younger generation, anal sex is quite normal. As to the question of doing escorts in Reading like anal sex, well, once you’ve tried it there is no going back. Anal sex is very pleasurable for some girls.

If a married man visits an escort in Reading is he cheating on his wife? 

Men don’t see it that way, they see visiting an escort as just a bit of mild relief, a bit of harmless fun and it doesn’t interfere with their marriage. It must be better for a man to have sex with an escort rather than have an affair with a woman that likes him. With an escort, there are no strings attached.

Do escort in Reading perform as webcam models? 

Some girls who escort are also adult webcam models. On sites like adultwork and xlamma you can view a girl performing and then visit her. Basically it’s the best of both worlds. I think one day all first point of contact with an escort will be via webcam.

What is OWO? 

It’s almost impossible to give oral to a guy these days with a condom. Therefore OWO or oral without is a must service for every working girl or massage in Reading. Giving OWO is what all men want from an escort. Girls who want men to wear a condom whilst giving fellatio are wasting their time. A client will just go to the next girl who will give this service.

Are there any escorts who do water sports? 

Find escorts who receive watersports in Reading by searching and refining your search on xlamma. Lots of escorts and massage girls will give watersports, but very few will receive. Look for the golden rain on an escorts profile page which is Sometimes called.

Will an escort let me film her? 

There is a new trend for escorts to maximise their income by offering other services and products. One of the services some escorts in Reading will offer is to let the client film her, obviously, there will be additional fees for this and it is entirely at the escorts discretion whether or not to engage in this particular service.

Where can I find escorts in Reading that provide girlfriend experience? 

Girlfriend experience (or GFE) escorts in the UK are in very high demand. A GFE escort will provide you with all the loving companionship and sensual treatment that you could expect to receive from a girlfriend plus much more. The components that makeup GFE are only positive, very fun and playful. The types of adult services that you can expect from an escort in Reading who gives girlfriend experience escort are; massage, kissing, sexual therapy, etc… The benefit of seeing a GFE escort is that you are able to control your experience and receive only the positive aspects of being with a girlfriend. You will be sure that girlfriend experience with an escort will be free of any nagging, complaining and any of other negative and sometimes stressful aspects of spending time with a girlfriend. Many of the escorts listed on xlamma’s Reading escort directory will provide you with a full and true GFE.

Are there any travel companion escorts in Berkshire? 

Travel companion escorts in Reading can offer a wide range of services to their clients. Some travel companion escorts will travel with you locally, and others are actually willing to travel internationally with you. No matter whether you are looking for a travel companion escort to accompany you to a specific event or a party, or to accompany you for a longer period of time on a long-distance local or international trip. There are hundreds of travel companion escorts in Newbury and on xlamma’s escort directory you will be able to find a wide range of travel companion escorts near you. You can discuss the details of what is you require from a travel companion escort using their contact details found on their ads on xlamma’s UK travel companion escort directory.

Where can I find an Asian or Thai adult massage in Reading? 

Are you looking for an Asian babe who gives erotic massage in Reading? Look no further as 100’s massage girls and massages parlours are listed on xlamma’s escort and massage directory. Erotic massage is a hugely popular service that is requested often to adultwork escorts, adultwork entertainers and adultwork service providers. The difference between a massage and an adult massage, (or erotic massage), is that the primary purpose of an adult massage is to provide sexual titillation rather than solely focusing on relieving muscle stress and soreness. Adult massage is often referred to as a massage with a happy ending and combines a teasing, sensual, and arousing full body massage with titillating sexual therapy, and sometimes includes body to body massage. The benefits that can be achieved from visiting a Reading massage parlour and receiving an adult massage from a sexy petite Japanese honey is one of the main delights for any client; reduced stress, sexual relief, boosted self-esteem and an improvement in muscle health and flexibility.

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