Ask An Escort; Nina is a Brazilian escort in Milton Keynes:

Why are all Brazilian escorts sexy?

Brazilian girls love to have sex, we are well known for it. To a Brazilian girl being sexy is what we aspire to. In Brazil, men are still very macho and they like their women to have the sexy hourglass figure, big tits and an even bigger booty.

Why did you choose to become a Milton Keynes escort?

When I first came to England I worked for an escort agency in Buckinghamshire which was good at first but after a few months, I got tired of paying the agency their thirty per cent and also the constant travelling to meet clients in Hotels was exhausting. A friend of mine worked in an erotic massage parlour in Birmingham, where all the clients came to you, this suited me better, but I still had to give part of my earning to the owner of the massage parlour. I decided to rent my own flat with a girlfriend and we saw that Milton Keynes was a busy town.

How many punters do you see in a day?

Working out of a massage flat is great, we normally see around twelve clients a day. Milton Keynes has a lot of businessmen who are willing to pay top prices to see sexy Brazilian girls.

Do you and your friend put on lesbian escort shows? Absolutely, Guys love to watch lesbian escorts perform with each other before they join in. There is a big demand for this type of sexual activity.

Do you orgasm when you have sex with a client?

Because most Brazilian girls love sex so much it’s easy for us to reach orgasm. I can climax with a punter quite easily. I can't answer for all escorts in Milton Keynes, but I’m sure some escorts do fake orgasm. I never have and never will, to me sex is something I enjoy tremendously, so to fake it would be disrespectful to my client.

If you weren’t a Milton Keynes escort what do you think you would be? Hmm, I can’t think of a smart answer to that question, but I would probably open my own agency somewhere.

Are there many working escorts in Milton Keynes?

There are quite a lot of girls working here, mainly Eastern European girls from Poland and Latvia, although there are some English teen escorts in Milton Keynes who are very popular with the local business community. I know one teenage Indian escort who regularly does twenty bookings a day.

Why are lots of girls from Brazil working as escorts in the UK?

Girls in Brazil don’t have the opportunity that western girls have, most of the Brazilian girls who become prostitutes or escorts come from very poor backgrounds, For young girls living in the favelas, there is either drugs or prostitution. So when a girl from Brazil wants to make a better life for herself, becoming a Brazilian escort in London, New York or Dubai is a good choice, plus girls from Brazil are famous for their sexy looks and free attitude towards sex.

Should escort agencies be legalised?

The Answer is Yes! The legalisation of the escort agency business has been an age-long controversial debate between liberals and abolitionists. There are those that believe brothels and sex workers are part of professional society and provide a real service. Then there are those that view prostitution as one-sided exploitation, believed to be rooted in male power. Although the opposing sides refuse to come to a mutual decision as to what would benefit sex workers more, legalisation or criminalisation, the facts are still very much there – brothel legalisation and decriminalisation of sex work and escorts in Milton Keynes can help those in this industry.

Should escorts have the same rights as any other worker?

However, legal brothels will only be beneficial for sex workers if the government ensured workplace safety. Legal brothels and making it safe for Milton Keynes escorts would have to be a safe environment for sex workers. This would include being equipped with external surveillance, emergency buttons and police near the facilities to remove any violent or unwanted customers, for example. Also, safety would be guaranteed through sex workers being protected by unions and health measures. The legalisation of brothels would also allow for other guidelines to be enforced such as sex workers being paid the correct amount and not being exploited. These procedures would allow sex workers to feel more comfortable and safer in their workplace, as there would be respectful towards their human rights.

Should we look at The Netherlands for the best way to legalize sex workers in the UK?

When looking at Amsterdam for example, with their legalisation of prostitution and brothels – other countries can take a page out of their book. Through the regulation and legalisation of sex work, this allows prostitutes to have the same basic rights and responsibilities as those from any other profession. Dutch sex workers are eligible for health insurance, unemployment benefits, they have a workers' union and have free access to STI checks if these rights were to be given to escorts in Milton Keynes and these measures were taken for sex workers worldwide, then the industry would provide a haven for their workers and would allow these women and/or men to feel as though their profession is real, validated and not as "illegitimate" as some people make it out to be. The legalisation of brothels, as well as the decriminalisation of sex work, would also put sex workers in a better position to come forward with allegations of assault or sexual assault since they would be members of the country's workforce, instead of those in the illegal trade that does not have the same ability to report such crimes. Sex work decriminalisation may also help eliminate abuse because the clients would be aware that the workers can report any crimes committed against them, therefore holding the abusers accountable.

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If brothels were legal in the UK would it eliminate the criminal element of sex trafficking? For legalisation of brothels to be successful, the government would need to not only improve the lives of sex workers and escorts in Milton Keynes but also ensure that these workers' needs and priorities are included in future policies. Many people view sex workers as objects of desire or criminals, and the industry has been blamed for sexualising women for profit, however, the reality is there needs to be a change, and the government can enforce this – whereby, sex workers should have the right to economic and moral autonomy. If people can enter professions that may be unsafe, if they can enter professions where their body is seen as a tool of the trade, and if they can enter a profession that is deemed morally questionable – then they should be allowed to enter a profession where being paid to have sex is acceptable. It is the 21st century, people need to get over the stigma of the sex work profession and concentrate on more important societal issues such as racism, poverty or child abuse to name a few. A person having sex for money is a cause for no one's concern.

Conclusion! It's time to focus on how to help sex workers rather than how to destroy them.

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