Ask An Escort; Maggie is a 36-year-old, mature escort in Manchester:

How long have you been working as a Manchester escort? Since I was 18, it's been eighteen years now. I answered an ad in our local paper for massage girls wanted, I’d never done any massage but I knew what the job entailed. Of course, every girl knows that the local massage parlours in Manchester have prostitutes working there.

Do you remember the first client you had sex with? Yes, on my first day I was the new girl so all the regular men wanted to see the new girl, the first man that came in that day came into the lounge where there are usually about five other girls waiting for clients, he chose me, I took him up to the VIP escorts room where I gave him a quick massage and then he just said, that’s enough of that I want you to suck my cock first and then I want to fuck you, is that ok, that was the start of my life as a working girl.

Have you always worked in Manchester massage parlours? I did a bit of work as an escort for a Manchester escort agency for a couple of years but I didn’t like all the travelling to hotels and clients homes, it wasted a lot of time, here in the massage flat the punters come to you and we have a laugh with the other girls.

Is there jealousy between escorts in massage parlours? It can happen, especially if one girl is picked more than the others. Escorts can be quite bitchy towards the younger girls who have just started in the business, which is only natural I suppose. I mean if there are five girls working and one girl gets all the men coming through the door there’s bound to be some friction.

What service do most men want with a Manchester escort? Most men want a full service which includes oral without, OWO, they all want to cum in mouth and lots of men today want anal sex. But the most popular service these days is girlfriend experience.

Do you class yourself as a Manchester escort or a Manchester prostitute? In truth, there is not a lot of difference, men go with escorts for sex, men come to Manchester massage flats for sex and men go with street prostitutes for sex, so it’s really all the same under a different guise. Personally I call myself a massage girl or a masseuse, to give it the correct term.

Do escorts in Manchester like having sex with lots of different men every day? Of all the working girls that I know pretty much all of them like sex, it’s what we talk about all the time, which punter fucks the best, who gives the best oral sex, which men like anal sex, how many times a client can cum in a session, and so on. It really is the main topic of conversation among most girls anywhere.

Do Manchester escorts fake orgasms to satisfy their punters? Happens all the time darling, probably in the same way that their wives fake orgasms so they can get to sleep. If a girl is subtle with her fake orgasms the men never know, I mean it’s impossible for men to fake an orgasm, they cum, but us professional girls know exactly how to let a client know that they have pleased an escort.

Escort in Manchester and Manchester prostitute, what's the difference? The line between escort and prostitute is very blurred, as there are a lot of negative connotations about both of these lines of work. However, they are commonly believed that they are one and the same. Quite the contrary, in most aspects they are very different, escorts offer more of an entertainment factor, as she/he is hired for the purpose of companionship (lasting from anywhere between a day to a month), this can include activities such as dates, someone to just spend time with or just provide some intellectual stimulation. On the opposite side of this, you have sex workers. What they provide are sexual services to satisfy a client for monetary gain, they don't tend to offer much more than this. Following this, unlike escorts, a prostitute's aim is to have multiple clients during a small time frame, as escorts in Manchester aim to have loyal clients that want to come back and continue with the same escort.

Why are university students signing on with escort agencies? Hearing the words escort or prostitutes produces a very similar image in all our heads, and it's not a 'pretty' sight, and the people we imagine that are in this line of work are unpleasant, redundant, undignified, the list can go on, but what if I told you many people in this work are students, those struggling financially while trying to get an education, those having to go to lectures all day and then having to work all night to make sure they can pay rent, eat and buy their necessities, many students don't have that financial aid from their parents and student loans can only get you so far. You may be thinking to yourself, why not get a part-time job, you have every right to think that way. However, that financial gain is minimal, going to a minimum wage part-time job after a full day of lectures isn't always a viable solution. In comparison with an escort, a minimum wage, a part-time job is very questionable. A Manchester escort can collect anywhere between £150 to £1000 a night, this can vary depending on hourly rates. For a student, even that minimum sum is worth it, students aren't becoming escorts for the fun of it, more than just wanting to survive.

Should universities do more to help stop students signing onto Manchester escort agency books? Now with what you know, the question you may have is, what are universities doing about it? Are universities supporting students in this industry? Do universities even know which students are in this industry? To begin with, there are already studies on this topic showering what percentage of students work within the sex industry. Swansea University conducted a three-year study, what they found was that 5 per cent of students worked in the sex industry, that is one in twenty students, and a further 22 per cent have considered going into the industry. This percentage of students is probably more than you would imagine needing to go into the industry. To answer your question on "what are universities doing about it?" and "Are universities supporting students in this industry?" the answer is unfortunately nothing. Swansea University's found that no university it analyzed had any policies directing students in the sex work industry and had no further action taken if they ever were presented with the information of a student working in the industry. Given the number of students involved, they should be better prepared for these circumstances, however, there is nothing for them. Swansea University also found that staff and students when interviewed said that if they knew a student in these circumstances they would take action to protect the Universities reputation. Universities should provide guidance and support for these students that are open with their line of work, as Swansea Universities study also shows that these students who are open about it are discriminated against.

Why do married men visit escorts in Manchester? After who they are, what they do, you may wonder who the common user of escorts is. Unfortunately, you probably have already guessed. Its married men and you may shun men or even roll your eyes at that fact. You may not be surprised then when it's estimated that 70 per cent of escorts clients are married men. However, Escorts aren't for sex primarily, as stated above its about company and having a stimulating conversation, some men just don't feel like they can open up to their partner, they have lost that intimacy. Men are driven by more than sex, escorts are for something a bit deeper, more personal and more comforting. Or sometimes just the presence of a woman who they can get close with and not have to worry about anything they say causing a raise for concern in the marriage. Men also look for emotional relief, which seems very common in many escort visits. But the question is, is it ethical? Having your partner go to someone else for emotional relief or just a conversation? Is it something you'd be okay with? Its a very subjective topic, and it's very interesting to see many different points of view on the topic.

Should sex workers have the same rights as any other worker? To conclude, no matter what area in the sex industry a person is in, or is simply a person who uses these services, they are doing it for their own financial, emotional or mental well being. Take your time to think, what Manchester escorts and massage girls go through, how much they rely on this industry, or what these people may be feeling. It's complex, but just give it a thought.

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