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Anya 28 is a Polish escort in Swansea

Q; Why do so many Polish and Eastern European girls want to work as escorts in England?

A; It is very difficult to get any good money in Poland, so for a Polish girl to work in a massage flat in Swansea she will make more money in one month than she could make all year back home.

Q; Did you work as a prostitute in Poland?

A; (laughs) No, I was working as a receptionist in a hotel.

Q; Where can I find a Swansea escort?

A; Search on the internet will bring many results for Swansea escorts, you can then choose the best girls that you like the look of. 

Q; What services do you offer to your clients?

A; Most men want an escort for girlfriend experience, they all want oral sex and cum in mouth, which is what I do. There is a big demand for bareback sex in Swansea, I only do this if I’m sure the man is married.

Q; So do all Swansea escorts have sex with their punters?

A; If I didn’t offer my punters sex they would simply go to the next escort who does offer bareback sex, it’s a vicious circle, if a guy wants to fuck me up the arse without a condom and I refuse, he will go to the escort up the road who will let him fuck her up the ass without a condom.

Q; Do you miss Poland?

A; I miss my Mum and my friends, but as I said earlier they all want to come and work as escorts anyway.

Q; Have you ever considered working as an adult webcam model?

A; Yes I think this is a very good way for a girl to make good money in the sex industry, much better than working as an escort in Swansea.

Q; Have you heard of the adult webcam sites?

A; Yes, this a good site for escorts, they can earn money from the webcam business and still make money from seeing clients, it’s very good, I think I will sign up. 

Q; Are there many Polish girls working as escorts in UK?

A; Oh yes, many girls from Poland want to come to England to work in massage parlours, almost all of my friends back in Poland text me every day asking when they can come and work as an escort.

Q;  What made you come to work as an escort in Swansea?

A; When I first came to the UK I was staying in. A friend of mine was working for an escort agency with all girls from either Poland or Czech girls. After I made enough money for a deposit on my own apartment I came to Swansea because I know a girl who lives there. The massage flats in Swansea are cheap and there are lots of men that want sex with Swansea escorts.

Should Brothels in Swansea be legalized?

Sex work in today's generation is not as taboo as it used to be. Rewind back a few years ago when the mere mention of the word 'prostitute' or 'brothel' were dirty, forbidden and definitely not classed as work. But in the ever-changing times of our generation more Swansea escorts are speaking out about their profession and changing the way we think, and look, at them. People are changing their minds about the whole concept after being made more aware of the quite frankly, scary situations workers are experiencing. Recent films and documentaries around the subject of sex work has created a safe zone for those involved to speak up about their daily lives and make the general public wake and up see. This has called for a larger community of people to vocalize the need to decriminalize brothels and escorts who have sex with clients because it is clear to see that a group of workers together is going to be a lot safer than a lone worker.

Is it safer for escorts in Swansea to work in pairs rather than entertain clients on their own? 

Letting the cameras in has shown the horrors some workers have experienced, and we are now recognizing the importance of their safety and protection. Once upon a time a brothel was seen as a seedy and unclassed house where people just went to have sex. But if you really look into the modern day brothel, they are far from what is expected of them. A recent tv documentary spent time in a brothel in Yorkshire that gave viewers an insight into how they run the business and look after their workers. The house didn't look dodgy or grotesque, although it's a matter of opinion on the names of the rooms, for example the 'naughty boys' room'! Anyway, the owners have put measures in place to protect the staff including cameras, panic buttons and security. All this and the appearance of the venue gives a very different look into how things could be if made legal. Of course, at the end of the day it is getting paid to have sex, but each to their own and sometimes people have to do what they have got to do. Who are we to judge in these modern times? Just look at the state of Nevada who have been doing it since the 19th century. Rules are in place which protect the workers, the customers and the owners. 

Isn't it about time that the whole sex worker industry is decriminalised? 

Over the years it would seem even many a politician has voiced their opinion on changing the laws around prostitution and brothels. For reasons we won't go into. But all of these so-called 'proposals' have fallen flat and have not been followed through. With everything that is happening in the world right now people are having to do what they have to do to earn a living. It is a matter of opinion as what you feel is 'proper work' or a 'decent career'. Either way is it not about time we protect everyone as much as we can by giving them safe spaces to work from. Strict rules could easily be outlined and enforced like those of standard working conditions in offices, banks and care homes. Escorts in Swansea are still humans and surely, they are just as entitled as others to the right to feel safe at work. If working from a brothel is a guaranteed way to go about their business, behind closed doors, in a safe environment then why should this be stopped and or deemed a crime?

This site does not promote human trafficking or any type of illegal sex work, nor is any content within this site an offer for Adult contacts in Swansea to advertise or sell sex in return for money. Escorts in Swansea are paid for their time as a companion only.

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