Ask An Escort; Irma 26 is an Asian escort in Cardiff:

How did a good Asian girl become a Cardiff escort? I didn’t get along with my parents, I was very rebellious as a teenager and left home when I was sixteen, obviously, I got into drugs I was smoking hashish at school and soon got hooked on cocaine and started working as a Cardiff prostitute on Commercial Road in the Pill area of Cardiff, nearly all of the money I earned as a hooker was spent on my drug habit.

How did you graduate from a street hooker in Cardiff to an escort in Cardiff? I sort of got my act together, I managed to rent a flat on East Tyndall Street, which is an area where street escorts work, but I had a flat where punters could come to me so I didn’t get busted for prostitution.

What’s it like being a sex worker in Cardiff? The problem with Cardiff is that there are a lot of streetwalkers, hookers and young girls who offer sex for stupid prices, so punters would rather pay a tenner for a quick wank than pay fifty quid to fuck a Cardiff escort in a comfortable bed.

Where can I find cheap escorts in Cardiff? Search for Cardiff escorts on Google or Yahoo and there are lots of results.

Have you had any other job that was not connected to the sex industry? Not really, I worked for a time as an adult webcam model on Chaturbate when I was eighteen but they blocked my account because I was giving guys my phone number and telling them that I was an escort in Cardiff.

Why did Chaturbate block your account? As an adult webcam model, you’re not supposed to work as an escort, even though lots of them do, I was silly enough to openly talk about it on web chat, whereas most girls sell their WhatsApp number and tell guys privately.

Did you like working as a webcam model or do you prefer life as a Cardiff escort? Working as a webcam model was okay, but there is a lot of competition and to make a decent living you had to work a lot of hours, working in Cardiff as an escort I can do a couple of jobs and make a few hundred quid just for letting a couple of men fuck me. 

How much can an escort in Cardiff make in a week? If I work 5 days I can usually clear around eight hundred quid, some evening I still go to the Magic Roundabout area in Cardiff where the prostitutes hook punters and bring a guy back to the flat.

Why are so many students turning to Cardiff escort agencies for part-time work? The notion of 'sex workers' often leads to visualisations of seedy underworlds, cheap, mistreated women privy to backhanded exchanges in dark and decrepit locations. To most of us it is wholly unrelatable, an industry that does not register within our naive and virtuous minds. Yet, it is closer to home than many care to believe. In 2010, David Blunkett announced the abolishment of student grants, replacing them with student loans. Though the loans were, and continue to be, payable over thirty years, those that we're able to continue with study found themselves struggling financially. 'The English Collective of Prostitutes', a group that supports the decriminalization of prostitution, stated that a lack of jobs and increased tuition fees led to more students turning to lap dancing, escorting and prostitution as a means of earning. Whilst disconcerting, it is easy to understand, given the potential earning figure of £1000 per night compared to just £8 per hour in a bar or restaurant. The greater concern here is that whilst financial matters are resolved, the effect of the work on an individual may be dangerously detrimental to both physical and mental health.

Do students work for escort agencies in Cardiff? It's not a secret that students are always low on money, so a lot of them tend to look for some kind of a side income where they can find a perfect study-work-life balance. There are different ordinary types of part-time work for students: cleaners, couriers, mail sorters etc. However, every year more and more young people are willing to join the escort service to earn some extra money. In these articles I will look into some motives behind the deeds of students who choose to become a part of the sex business industry. Firstly, let's do some maths. The average cost of living in Cardiff for a single person is £1000 per month which means that students have to spend 25 to 30 hours per week working at an ordinary job just to make the ends meet. The escort, on the other hand, pays up to £800 per night, so some prefer to work just for a couple of nights and be set for a whole month. Plus, it is extremely difficult for students to find a decent part-time job in the first place, some look for months on end and still end up nowhere due to being overqualified or there being too many applicants.

Are teenage escorts in Cardiff popular with clients? Another factor is the trait every human being is driven by - curiosity. Teenage pupils are often simply curious what it's like to work in any kind of escort agency. This includes strip dancing, webcamming, phone sex talking and body selling. It's interesting to notice here that initially male students are more likely to choose this type of job to be their source of extra income, presumably because of the strength they possess to fight off any kind of attack which often happens to take place in this industry. More than half of people who get involved in the escort business also do so because of the enjoyment and sexual pleasure they can get out of it. For some single young people who don't yet have a partner, this is a perfect way to kill two birds with one stone feeding their desire for intimacy along with earning the living. And even those who already have a partner, often without their approval, can't stand a thought of not trying and experiencing the exciting feeling of having multiple sex partners at a time or the feeling of being wanted by other women or men which boosts most people's confidence in their own relationship.

Is working as an escort in Cardiff well paid? However, even though this is a well-paid opportunity for students to have more free time and a lot of savings at the same time, it has its own consequences. A lot of people feel the need to isolate themselves and cut all the ties with their friends and families or choose to live a double life in a constant fear of somebody finding out their little secret. The social stigma, the horrible feeling of being judged by others, is a powerful force preventing much more people from joining the escort agencies in order to get this easy extra money every one of us needs. Still, at times, the society doesn't leave students any choice but to try it and hope for the best, hope for not catching any dangerous disease or ruining the future career due to the bad reputation. And even though some young people break under pressure and leave the industry, more and more join every day to find whatever it is they are looking for.