Ask An Escort; Irma 26 is an Asian escort in Cardiff:

How did a good Asian girl become a Cardiff escort? 

I didn’t get along with my parents, I was very rebellious as a teenager and left home when I was sixteen, obviously, I got into drugs I was smoking hashish at school and soon got hooked on cocaine and started working as a Cardiff prostitute on Commercial Road in the Pill area of Cardiff, nearly all of the money I earned as a hooker was spent on my drug habit.

How did you graduate from a street hooker in Cardiff to an escort in Cardiff? 

I sort of got my act together, I managed to rent a flat on East Tyndall Street, which is an area where street escorts work, but I had a flat where punters could come to me so I didn’t get busted for prostitution.

What’s it like being a sex worker in Cardiff? 

The problem with Cardiff is that there are a lot of streetwalkers, hookers and young girls who offer sex for stupid prices, so punters would rather pay a tenner for a quick wank than pay fifty quid to fuck a Cardiff escort in a comfortable bed.

Where can I find cheap escorts in Cardiff? 

Search for Cardiff escorts on Google or Yahoo and there are lots of results.

Have you had any other job that was not connected to the sex industry? 

Not really, I worked for a time as an adult webcam model on Chaturbate when I was eighteen but they blocked my account because I was giving guys my phone number and telling them that I was an escort in Cardiff.

Why did Chaturbate block your account? 

As an adult webcam model, you’re not supposed to work as an escort, even though lots of them do, I was silly enough to openly talk about it on web chat, whereas most girls sell their WhatsApp number and tell guys privately.

Did you like working as a webcam model or do you prefer life as a Cardiff escort? 

Working as a webcam model was okay, but there is a lot of competition and to make a decent living you had to work a lot of hours, working in Cardiff as an escort I can do a couple of jobs and make a few hundred quid just for letting a couple of men fuck me. 

How much can an escort in Cardiff make in a week? 

If I work 5 days I can usually clear around eight hundred quid, some evening I still go to the Magic Roundabout area in Cardiff where the prostitutes hook punters and bring a guy back to the flat.

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