Xlamma might just be the most well-known and popular Weston-Super-Mare escorts website around. There are currently tens of thousands of xlamma users. It has also established a reputation for being the number one website for people looking to meet female escorts and massage in Weston-Super-Mare and get into casual relationships with xlamma adult contacts in Weston-Super-Mare. So is this reputation justified? Let’s take a look.

Xlamma – The New ‘No Strings Attached’ ‘No Fees’ website for adult personals in Weston-Super-Mare. Since the start of the 21st century, more and more women have embraced their sexuality, femininity and desires. xlamma has given women reason to feel sexually empowered and to start to explore their inner most desires and fetishes - what was initially meant to be a place to find Weston-Super-Mare escorts has now morphed into a one-stop-shop for all their women's sexual desires and to help you find, possibly, long-lasting love and, hopefully, sexual excitement has evolved into something a little less committed. It’s now all about the casual encounters.

Is xlamma for sex, or a real relationship? What kind of relationships do people use xlamma for? What is the first thing you think of when someone mentions xlamma? Do you think, “Oh that’s where you go to find your soul mate”? Or does a thought like “That’s where you go to find your next one-night-stand” cross your mind? In my thought bubble, I usually shoot towards the one-night-stand. Though there are some surveys that have analysed to prove that isn't the case. At least not yet anyway. With about a million users in just the UK, the possibilities are endless. 

What do surveys of users say? According to a few studies that you can find on SimpleTexting, more often than not, people’s intentions for being on the app are to find real relationships. Now, this doesn’t mean that people aren’t on the app just for hook-ups. Some are, just not as many as you would think. About 52% of people are saying that they have not had a one-night-stand while using the xlamma app. With the knowledge that this number is not that far over the halfway mark, it still leaves hope for the people that are looking for a real relationship. With another survey asking what people were hoping to achieve from the escorts app more people answered they were looking for a long-term relationship, both men and women answered highest for this option. (Funny enough some people are looking to get free drinks and meals, so be careful who you take out.)

Taking that into consideration, you can assume that the 30% of married people might not want a long-term relationship, and would prefer to “blow off some steam”, a.k.a have a one-night-stand. Even if you are in an open marriage, your most likely not looking for another person to be your significant other.

What does xlamma have to say about this? With people assuming that xlamma is just for finding Weston-Super-Mare escorts,, xlamma has made a small effort to deny those claims. They do however have a few spokespeople stating they have gotten “hundreds of success stories about new engagements or happy marriages.”

What does either gender want from xlamma? Does the want for a long relationship or a one-night-stand differ that much between male and female? Yes, it does. Women are more likely to look for a long-term relationship than men. However, in a Cornell study, women mainly use the app to look at profiles and chat. On the other hand, men would prefer to go out on dates and/or have a one-night-stand. Be that as it may, men are still more likely to make a real attempt at finding a relationship.

What else do people use xlamma for? Did you know that there are some people that don’t only use xlamma as a escorts app? Some people use xlamma for other things such as a basic social media outlet for meeting new people. More women than men tend to use xlamma as an outlet to find more friends.

If you’re ever traveling, xlamma can actually be a great way to me new people close to the place that you are visiting. For example, if you are from the UK and visiting USA, you can log into your xlamma account, throw your area in and find people around you to get to know.

What are some of the types of relationships that you can find on xlamma? Meeting people on places like xlamma you can expect all types of relationship requests. The top relationships you could expect would be:

An average relationship. As rare as it can be to find someone for the long haul, it can happen. With all of the studies I’ve rummaged through, I have a glimmer of hope for anyone out there still trying with xlamma. You just have to be up front with what you want and hopefully someday you’ll find it.

A sexting relationship. The name pretty much states the type of relationship you’ve jumped into. In the modern Snapchat days all some people do is exchange profiles, then the fun begins. Real dates can happen, but you’ve basically just hung on to the excitement of sending and receiving the pictures, that the fun fades when you’re actually around the person.

“Situation-ship”. This type of relationship is the type where you are stuck in the puppy-love phase. You are escorts but you’re not, you’re friends but just a little bit more than that. No strings attached relationships can be found in adult personals in Weston-Super-Mare. This is the type of relationship that most people might think of when you are asked about xlamma. The friends with benefits situation. The relationship where you went on a couple dates, but the only kind of chemistry you had was in the bed. So, that’s the only place you see this person anymore.

Ghosted relationship. This relationship is pretty unique. You have all of the aspects of a real relationship for a week or two, then for any reason either one or both of you decide to ghost the other. Not for any specific amount of time. However, when you feel like coming back, then it’s like nothing ever happened.

So, is xlamma for sex, or a real relationship? This is a good question to ask yourself when or if you are ever debating on signing up, because as of right now, everything hangs in a 50/50 balance. Approximately, half of the users would prefer a one night stand, and the other half would rather a long term relationship. Just remember, if you do want a long term relationship, just try sticking with it for a couple of matches, you might find someone that is wanting a relationship too (or you might find one of the few that prefer free meals).