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Since the twilight of mankind, or all creation for that matter, copulation has been one of the primary incentives for progression. Birds, bees and humans alike, either through brief lapses in judgement or sparks of sensual intent, have partaken in perhaps one of the most rudimentary acts facilitating life. It is the reason we are all here today and why the weight of our decisions are ever present in the need for preservation at the least for others, if not for our own kin. 

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Scroll back a few thousand years and chance would dictate your future spouse would have been a childhood friend or perhaps a distant lover you took a first glance at from a local village you would visit for business. Given the significantly smaller population of the earth, people aggregated into communities, known to us modern folks as tribes and clans. Infant mortality rates in earlier civilisations were drastically higher and medicinal practises although prevalent were scarce, resembling a live testing facility more than an actual science with methodology. Lack of food preservation techniques coupled with seasonal farming, hunting and gathering, meant that providing for our basic necessities of food and shelter trumped all other past times we can afford to enjoy today. Living in a communally orientated way of life, where putting bread on the table was a little bit more literal than the workers’ slogan it has become today, shows us that having an heir to take over your trade, be it a blacksmith or baker etc. was vital for your villages’ survival. Craftsmanship was an inherited trade as literacy was non-existent so there was no other way to learn the basics of any skills without an apprentice styled upbringing to teach you all the tips and tricks. No less than a century ago could less than half of the population read or write, manufacturing was almost all manual unlike the robotic factories in existence today and knowledge was painstakingly applied at the expense of life and limb, not from the safety of our homes we indulge in when watching how to tutorials online. 


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 Not so long ago a phenomenon that could have made Cleopatra’s search for love a lot easier but no less dangerous, The World Wide Web, came into existence. Considering that in western society children are now known to handle their own electronic devices from early infancy, acclimatisation of technologies, quick access to information and entertaining media has short circuited the brain's natural “get outside” mechanism. This is not a symptom of Generation Z, it is however a result of the era we are currently passing through. Digitalisation of service providers, ambitious feats of engineering alongside medical advances has resulted in an implosion of the human population.  Consequently, agriculture, research in scientific fields, manufacturing, real estate and education has been centralised via government bodies in order to cope with the demand for resources and lifestyle differences.  For the layman like you and I, we know that this means extensive work hours and limited social time. Now we would be lucky to spend a weekend with our family members because of unsynchronised work schedules, or even spend the evening with colleagues after work because of overtime, long distance travellers who always leave early and extra-curricular aficionados who always seem to have a gym, pottery and theatre workshop to attend. How could one even find love when workplace relationships are still a little taboo?  

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It is no surprise that given the extensive capabilities of our phones that today of all days, has the once formally illustrious skill of seducing a potential mate gone down the fibre optic cable of drains, replacing sweaty palms and a little liquid courage, with memes and resumés full of personal interests. The inception of online escorts sites has taken over the love scene. Many studies have proven that laziness, or as us lazy people like to call it “being efficient”, is a part of being intelligent. Humans are naturally inclined to find the best and easily applicable solutions to their problems. Although less common in modern society, one often finds in some religious or more traditional cultures, arranged marriages and encouraging blind dates with family friends still remains a pervading influence on newly married couples, of which there are even websites catering for this demographic! Priorities between social classes are also very different, semi-fictitious works such as Jane Austen’s novel ‘Pride and Prejudice or even Charles Dickens ‘Great expectations’ portrays an impersonal and very realistic account of how great an importance social standing, wealth and heritage played in finding a partner. I wonder, is the emphasis on these matters not so different in our lives today? And does the convenience of self-advertising on social media resolve this problem completely?

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Regardless of stature or status, human nature prevails and as our environment changes around us, our needs irrevocably remain the same. The means through which we facilitate them do change, but the internet at the moment only appears to be a catalyst for our desires, unlike the Sci-fi movie ‘Gattaca’ where the world is so advanced our lives are predetermined at birth from our genetics, we still have the opportunity today to be ourselves and be embarrassed at some of our cheesy pickup lines or relish in the shy moments of our first real encounter with a potential lover. Truth to be told, as liberal as we are appearing to be, each one of use has a niche in terms of prospective partners. Secretly we can’t deny that the criteria for our ideal candidate is much longer than this piece of text, even if we don’t want to admit it.  And, before you try to deny it again, in the words of Sherlock Holmes “intuitions are not to be ignored, they represent data processed too fast for the conscious mind to comprehend”, so admittedly, however long our list of desired qualities may be, none of us can dispute that that feeling we get when we see ‘the one’ , this gut feeling, or as some may say a match in vibrations, is consequentially the result of trillions of neuron in our mind, analysing our own life and what countless possibilities lie ahead of us presents. Truth be told, there is no shame in our journey to find love in the clouds of data, the fact we are still persevering to find meaningful connections despite the physical distance proves like hope, Pandora’s box, may just be our device, waiting to be opened.

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