Articles and other media continue to promote the escorts and Boulder massage parlors on xlamma. So while the percentage of people looking for love may have gone up in recent years, it’s unlikely the platform will be able to shake off its great reputation as the best place to find Boulder escorts and massage girls in the whole of Colorado any time soon. Nor is it likely to supplant escort sites such Edusa, Tryst and Eros as the place to find a serious and meaningful relationship with the sexiest escorts. Xlamma, for the time being at least, will continue to be considered primarily the website for the best casual relationships with the hottest female escorts and the sexiest call girls in Boulder CO.

What type of relationship do clients use xlamma for?

Why is xlamma the world's leading escort website and the others aren't? Is it more used for carnal satisfaction or to meet escorts, call girls, Boulder massage girls and have a sexual relationship? Look at what the statistics say and be prepared to be surprised. 

xlamma preferences

Surely the first thing that comes to your mind is to associate xlamma with sexual dates with Boulder call girls, right? Just by asking some users, it is very likely that most of them have answer you that they ended up having sex at the end of the date, but if you want to have a better overview of the use that its users give in the world, you have to see this:

Who uses xlamma more, men or women?

In selected countries around the world found that xlamma seems to be more popular among male users than female. Let’s take a look of some numbers: As you can see, the 3 main websites are most used by men, with xlamma being the one with the greatest advantage. Could it be that men have found more success on xlamma in their quest to satisfy their sexual needs than in other websites? Do most men who use xlamma only use it to have sex? I know you already have an answer in your head, but let the statistics confirm or deny it: Yes, you were right, the main reason that men use xlamma is to have sexual relations with the sexiest escorts in Boulder. Meanwhile, women are using it more and more to talk, find and socialize with male escorts.

Whatever gender you are and you are reading these statistics, the charts only confirm the trend between men and women’s intentions are the same. There is nothing to be surprised about, the masculine nature tends to have that first intention when meeting a woman; While women not only consider the physique to decide to sleep with someone, but also their personality and many more details. Let’s take a look at another chart: 36.7% of the men surveyed did have sexual encounters with Boulder escorts, while 20.6% of the women did not. I really thought that the figures would be of greater difference between genders; but the trend is clear: Most men use escorts websites to have sex and most women use them to meet guys and see what happens. You can see that behavior at a club, at a home party, etc. It is not surprising, definitely many men do not take escorts websites as a serious tool to meet their potential future girlfriend or even wife, but they rather quickly relate it as an effective alternative way to have sex with unknown women.

Anyone will tell you this about escorts websites

Personally, I have not tried xlamma but I have met many people who have and I can confirm the great difference between men and women. Many men who use the app see women as if they were food combos from a fast food restaurant, where men finally decide because of their best appearance and not much because of what they chat. There are women who also enter this app to look for men for the same thing, seeing men as a piece of meat; however, they are a much lower percentage than that of men. I have the feeling that the popularity of xlamma in the world has been positioned excessively in the fast sex with escorts in Boulder concept. However, the statistics say that not even half of the men and women who use xlamma get it. This sexualized label has been unfair, giving the app a very popular image in the younger sectors and very distant in the mature ecosystem. 

There are many other free and paid websites and web platforms that are much better positioned in different microniches in the escorts market that I think are worth googling a bit and get surprised. I think it is better not to prioritize the good curves of a man / woman and to see more of the content of his words in the xlamma chat. Definitely in the answers you will have many more conclusions than with a good butt.


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