It is estimated that 70% of clients who visit escorts in Denver are married, so why do married men visit escorts? The term "escort" is usually confused with "prostitute" because the tendency is to consider them as the very same occupation. These two words, that usually trigger a certain feeling of reticence, and even disgust in some people, are, at the end of the day, two jobs. Just like an accountant, nurse, lawyer, and everything else under the sun. So why do we have to inject so much stigma into them? Because when we think of someone working as an escort or as a prostitute, we inevitably think of sex. Paid sex. And we could not be more wrong, as the sex element is what sets them apart. Simply put, a prostitute is a provider of sexual services. An escort is defined as someone who entertains or accompanies the client to certain events and, while sex is not completely off the table, it is not compulsory either. While the prostitute offers sex for money, the escort offers time for money, where time is defined as a date at the opera, a dinner, a chat, or any other form of intellectual stimulation.

If a married man visits an escort is it cheating? When looking at the type of clients the escorts have, about 70% of those are married men, which whether we like it or not, says a thing or two about the marriages nowadays. A Denver escort provides a service, fulfilling a need of the client, which is absolutely normal. Because we are designed to look for a service when we have a particular need. If we want to lose weight, we go to the gym and pay a personal trainer. If we want to change our hairstyle, we pay a hairstylist to do that. When we want someone to go out with, someone to make us feel good, someone to talk to, we look for an escort. We assume that a married man would wish to do things with his spouse, instead of an escort. So how comes that escorts take the places of spouses and become the companions of men? The answer is found at the core of the marriage, or more specifically, at the pillars that support it.

Is hiring an escort in Denver purely for sexual gratification? A marriage is constituted of three main plans: the physical, the social, and the mental plane. The first one comprises all aspects of physical contact and intimacy, from cuddling, holding hands to sex, and, if you're lucky, making love. The social plan correlates the marriage to society, it talks about the legal responsibilities of the spouses and how they present themselves to society. The mental plan is perhaps the most fragile one, as it is all about the mental connection between couples, their shared values, their likes, and dislikes, their views on the future. When something goes wrong in a marriage, the mental plane is the first one to break, and it is soon followed by the physical and social ones. The escorts show up when the mental plan starts to crack, and in some cases, can temporarily save the marriage, acting like some sort of a band-aid. If a man chooses to seek out mental stimulation with an escort, it is most likely because he is missing it at home. And no, the spouse is not to blame completely, for not keeping the husband entertained enough. No one should believe that a husband is like a dog that needs to have a certain amount of contact and interaction in a day. Therefore, the blame is to be shared between partners, because a marriage works well when there is enough communication. If the spouses disconnect from each other and refuse to communicate, they will no longer be able to understand their needs, to sort any issues out and will eventually lose trust in each other. And this is the moment when any of the spouses can start looking elsewhere for someone to provide the understanding they cannot find at home anymore. Therefore, the reason why married men are an excellent target market for escorts is that communication is deficient to some extent in their marriages. And no, married men who look for escorts in Denver should not be called cheaters and be crucified. Because cheating is a rather relative concept. For most people, cheating means having sex with someone else than your partner. From this perspective, a man that is entertained by an escort, without any sexual activities involved, cannot be considered a cheater. However, for those people that consider going out on a date with someone else as cheating, the escorts are seen as the temptations which make men perpetuate their cheating behaviors.

Why do men see visiting Denver massage parlors as harmless fun? At the end of the day, it really does not matter how we label men who visit escorts. Because with or without cheating, the escort industry shows some major gaps in communication that exist within marriages. And the problem is that by replacing your own spouse with an escort for a few hours, you are not fixing the communication issues in your relationship or maybe the fact that you cannot stand your spouse's face anymore. The escort is just a small band-aid for a much larger wound and it definitely cannot replace a proper conversation with your spouse or even marriage counseling. Men who choose Denver escorts over spending time with their partners are simply trying to escape their lives at home, their families, their unresolved issues, and any kind of uncomfortable situations that might arise. And this is because they feel trapped, or maybe bored, and need someone to stimulate their minds and offer them spontaneity, a break from everything they already know at home. In a marriage, along with proper and healthy communication, space is essential. Because no one says that a married couple should spend every single second together, from the day they tie the knot until the day they die. However, too much space is also not good, as it is a sign of the couple falling apart, sometimes to the point where there is no common ground left. It is pointless to judge and blame it all on the husband, on the escort, or on the spouse, when the simplest and most straightforward solution is to get back that mental connection that was lost between partners, to be in tune with each other's feelings again and face problems head-on.