Online escorts in Bridgeport CT has become one of the most conventional ways to mingle with a shedload  of people, including Asian massage girls, and perhaps those who are not so single! The pure ease and  convenience to simply set up a profile from practically anywhere in the world, and ‘swipe  right’ (or left) has convinced society to opt towards this mode of socialising.  

Advancements in social media have also played a major part in shifting society's interest  towards online interactions. Both the young and old are completely engrossed in this new  method of communication. After all, who needs to go out these days with the intentions  of pulling, when you can simply slide into multiple DM’s! One may call it a meat market,  but whether you love it or loathe it, people are glued to their devices and quite frankly it is  selling.  Now that brings me to the infamous xlamma. With a staggering 50 million user base,  alongside 10 million active daily users, as shown in DMR Statistics, the app seems to be  doing extremely well for itself, by attracting a plethora of young audiences, or so it  seems. Navigation wise, the platform is most definitely effortless and straightforward to  say the least, however it does not exactly scream courtship potential. With the option to  upload many pictures, alongside a trivial description section that can just about suffice as  a ‘bio’ it begs the question as to whether the app is being used to find love, hookups, or  dare I say even erotic massage girls in Bridgeport CT.  Xlamma claims to help individuals to Match, Chat, and Date. Nonetheless the term ‘date'  holds a very different interpretation across the various cohorts. Research derived from  survey monkeys reveals that over half of young adults perceive escortsapps as a platform  for casual hookups, with 75% of that same category favouring apps like xlamma and  Bumble. This is most likely due to the ‘no pressure vibe’ associated with signing up; fewer  strings attached, less commitments, and definitely no entanglements! xlamma has more or  less created a hookup culture, where it has become effortless to swipe through an  abundance of profiles, thus choosing people mostly based on physical attraction. To put it  lightly, xlamma is hardly for the monogamous.  

Do you remember those end of collage proms, especially the ones we see in movies oh so often, when you have the girls on one side of the room, with the guys on the other  side? Both genders seemingly apprehensive to cross that invisible line to simply interact  with one another, but instead everyone's head is bowed down, with their eyes completely  transfixed on their phones typing away. 

The point is, online communication has created a safe space for people to interact,  especially romantically. In an interview conducted by Vanity Fair, university students had  emphasised on the simplicity and fun aspect of using xlamma. Describing it as a  ‘confidence booster’ whereby daters can express their inner alter ego, and feel less  embarrassed at potential rejections, in comparison to face-to-face liaisons.

But can we really attribute the usage of xlamma to the youngsters alone?  Let us not pretend that the elderly generation have remained in the dark ages all this  while. No, they are not sticking solely with letter based communication, and neither are  they twiddling their thumbs or playing scrabble as their form of entertainment! Times  have changed. 

xlamma is clearly a playground for young adults, which subsequently makes it the perfect  place to instigate sugar dating. This is the other side of xlamma which is currently  somewhat overlooked, several sugar daddies and sugar babies are hiding underneath the  crowded pool of users, initiating secret arrangements and services. After spilling the  beans in an interview with The Cosmopolitan, a real-life sugar baby discloses that escorts apps and sites that are specifically created for sugar dating, have been relatively  disappointing, due to a heavy degree of trial and error situations. Subsequently, this same  individual branched out to mainstream relationship apps, including the one and only  xlamma, for the purposes of finding sugar daddies. But it does not stop there.  

Although xlamma may not outright have individuals proclaiming their title as a sugar daddy  or baby on their bio page, individuals are still resorting to smarter alternative ways to find  their counterparts. Research from Bustle Online discloses that users of the app can modify  their escorts preferences within the settings, for instance, by choosing which age category  of individuals they would like to mingle and match with. The penny finally dropped?  All sugar daters need to do is to simply change their preference from 20-30 year olds to  50 years + and vice versa, thus, in that case, it opens up a whole new strategy whereby  sugar relationships are formed before one's very eyes.

Yes, it is somewhat possible to find love on xlamma, you hear rare success stories every  once in a while about couples falling hopelessly in love, and living happily ever after.  However, sorry to burst one's bubble, but realistically that possibility seems very low. You  are immediately brought back to reality when statistics from Psychology Today exposes  that:  


In other words, xlamma appears to be more on the playful and adventurous side, whereby

noncommittal relationships are the norm, and by all means go for it if that is your  preference. However, those looking for their prince charming or Cinderella may be better  suited sticking to traditional escorts apps or sites that are indeed designed with the sole  purposes of finding long-lasting romances.