Is it cheating if a married man hires a Charlotte escort? If you were married, would you consider it cheating if your partner saw a prostitute? That might be an easy question so let's make it a little harder. What if they saw an escort, and there was no sex, is that still cheating? For me, this question gets to the heart of what cheating means. Why don't we start by making sure that the difference between a prostitute and an escort is clear? A prostitute is a person who charges for sex. An escort in Charlotte NC is a person who charges for their time, and that can include sex. When it comes to the question of cheating, the distinction is that one is a purely physical/sexual interaction. While the other is an emotional and personal interaction.

If we take sex out of the equation, then meeting with a Charlotte escort could almost be the same as just chatting to someone in a bar, or texting with a friend. So I ask again. Is it really cheating? Most people would probably agree that seeing a prostitute is cheating. It's also pretty high-risk behavior and might suggest deep problems in a relationship, but that's beside the point. Seeing an escort, on the other hand, surely that's not the same. That's not cheating, if there's no sex, right? And yet it still leaves you with an uneasy feeling a sour taste in your mouth. Imagining that your partner paid someone to spend time with them, to talk to them, to keep them company, it feels uncomfortable. At least, it does to me. I think the reason behind that unease, that slimy sensation down the back of your spine, is that cheating isn't really about the sex. Cheating is about broken trust.

If a married man visits a massage parlor in Charlotte NC and the masseuses offer extra services that include sexual relief, is that the fault of the client? I can understand that people have open relationships. Having sex outside the relationship isn't cheating, because there is more to the relationship than sex. Yet, I believe that for many individuals in open relationships, the idea of their partner going to see an escort, not for sex, would somehow feel like a betrayal. It would probably feel worse than if they'd gone to a prostitute. Paying for sex that's simple. It's transactional, and it's about gratification. It's not personal. But visiting a Charlotte massage parlor, that's different. That's looking for a legitimate service, a connection, something more. If you're married, then you've vowed that your partner is the one you turn to. Your partner is the one you connect to. So paying someone else to fill that role, that feels like a much larger betrayal of trust. I guess it all comes down to the relationship you have. Every marriage is different. But if one half of a marriage feels that they have to pay a stranger for companionship, then I'm not sure you can still call it a marriage.

Where can I take my favorite Charlotte escorts for an afternoon of fun before going back to my place? As the summer leaves fill the trees with their various shades of green, the intervals of sunny skies change to stretches of sunny days, my favorite escort is all exciting, because it’s that time of the year again, when she can don her mermaid swimsuit and go splashing in the splash area at the Recreation Ground, Charlotte NC. Yes, you heard it right in Charlotte NC, hidden amongst the residential streets, is a wide expanse of land, it has walking trails, basketball court, tennis courts, play equipment for children and it’s a most prized possession, the splash area, with its colorful water play equipment. The 250 msg. splash area is on top of everyone’s place to visit list once the sunny days arrive, especially if it’s one of the summers, in which you haven't booked any holidays, or just couldn’t get a “good deal”, it’s also a great place to kick start the summer, just before jetting off on your holiday. Levels of excitement are soaring, all the essential ammo i.e. towel, sunscreen, hat, water bottles filled, snacks, can't forget the snack can we, especially when everyone around you has a proper picnic set up and you cling onto your bag of chips and sandwich. The phone has been charged, now don't want to miss the lovely moment of her wearing a swimsuit for the first time this year. Getting to please Charlotte escorts is a mission in itself, don't get me started on the parking situation, it fills up quicker than the train line during rush hour. But that’s for another time, for now, we are all packed (I’m dead sure I haven’t missed anything) to get splashing!

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