Where can I find Gastonia escorts near me?

Sex work is dubbed as one of the oldest professions in recorded history, and just like almost all professions it has been radically transformed by the internet. With sites like Xlamma and even a North Carolina-based escorts-on-demand app, it is clear to see that the Gastonia escorts now have a successful online presence and online market. 


But how much has the internet changed the escort agency business?

The answer – it is barely recognisable, and arguably for the better.

Destigmatisation of sex workers.

Accompanied by more socially progressive stances on sex and sex work, the online world has contributed to a significant destigmatisation of escorting. With the rise of entrepreneurial escorting and the sugar baby phenomenon, escorting is increasingly seen as a legitimate business venture. Research from Leeds University and National Ugly Mugs (an organisation advocating the protection of sex workers) for example, found that a whopping 45% juggle escorting with a regular job.


With the escorts becoming more mainstream however, the online market is now saturated with a wide range of Asian escorts, Indian escorts and European escorts which can be potentially economically detrimental. This becomes increasingly significant when considering that a study by Stef Adriaenssens and Jef Hendrickx found that there can be wage penalties for such practices as condom use.


More control and satisfaction for sex workers

Coupled with destigmatisation, the internet also allows escort workers to assert more control over their businesses. Part of this control involves the ability to hide their identities if they so wish, ensuring anonymity when needed. This means that escort workers can balance both a mainstream job and their escorting business simultaneously, without fear of discrimination or judgement in the workplace. 


The internet has contributed to a huge change in operations with the majority of escorts in Gastonia now working independently, rather than through an escort agency or brothel. Studies by the University of LA have also noted that this migration has diminished the traditional markets significantly.


It has also been found that escorts who utilise the internet for their businesses have a higher level of satisfaction in their working environments. ‘Beyond the Gaze: Summary Briefing on Internet Sex Work' a study by the University of Leicester found that more than 80% of  sex workers in NC are using the internet to market and sell their escorting businesses were either very satisfied or satisfied with their working environments, while more than a third said that they never felt stressed at work. A startling 80% expressed that the internet had improved their working life, once again showing the UK escort business is thriving.

What’s the difference between an escort and Gastonia call girls?

Although the terms ‘escort’ and call girls are often used interchangeably, there is a distinction between the two that is important to the legality of escorting compared to prostitution. While the term ‘prostitute’ is synonymous with sex work escorts are categorised as entertainers or companions, paid for their time or their company. There does not have to be a sexual aspect to the work of an escort. Which is why the profession is legal. Although many people assume escorts to be thinly-veiled sex workers in today’s society. 


While a prostitute exchanges sexual acts for money or other material goods, an escort in NC exchanges their time: what they do in this time is not specified. Therefore, an escort could be considered a prostitute if they engage in sexual activity during the time they are being paid for, but the term ‘escort’ does not specify that sexual activity is what is taking place. 


Even if Gastonia escorts do engage in sexual activity during the time for which they are being paid, the different connotations associated with them compared to prostitutes means that the kind of sexual relationship that develops between an escort/ prostitute and their customer is inherently different. Time spent with a prostitute is typically shorter and less personal, as the focus is on the sexual act rather than the person engaging in them. By contrast, because escorts in Gastonia are paid for their time, customers are more likely to form deeper, more lasting relationships with them, mirroring a conventional romantic relationship.


Differences between female escorts in Gastonia and prostitution create an important distinction between the legality of each profession, especially in Las Vegas where prostitution is llegal in Nevada. Because escorts are being paid specifically for their time, rather than what they do in this time, the occupation of escorting is legal in the USA. 


The difference between escorts and prostitutes in Gastonia is important in legal matters because brothels, defined as a place where two or more people are engaging in acts of prostitution, are illegal. This means that in the Gastonia escort agency girls are legal but brothels in Gastonia are not, again demonstrating the distinction between NC escorts and prostitution from the perspective of the law.


Ambiguity surrounding what constitutes a ‘sexual act’ serves to blur the boundary between escorts and prostitutes. From a legal standpoint, an escort would not be characterised as a prostitute if they receive money or other goods in exchange for ‘provocative acts’: acts which are not overtly sexual or do not extend as far as sex. Such provocative acts include holding hands, hugging or kissing but also a lot of activities relating to BDSM or fetishes, many of which are not overtly sexual. This difficulty in defining exactly what constitutes a ‘sexual act’ makes it harder to give clarity to the difference between an escort and a prostitute, especially from a legal standpoint.

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