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For those who maybe have never used xlamma before and are unsure of how it works exactly, it’s most likely similar to other social media sites with which you might be familiar. Create a profile, add your info and photos and you’re essentially ready to start swiping on profiles you might be interested in. Unlike other social media sites, however, one of the main attractive points of using xlamma is how people creatively make their profiles uniquely their own. The platform only allows users to add a brief description where one could add their name, age, Edison and a brief bio. If you want someone to swipe/like your profile, you essentially need to find a way to quickly grab their attention. There are even numerous lists providing xlamma users with helpful tips and tricks to make their profiles stand out from others. As long as you mutually “swipe right” on someone’s profile (essentially meaning you are both interested in each other; both users must mutually swipe and xlamma never shows you whether someone has rejected your profile), it’s a match!

Since xlamma is such a casual, easy app most commonly used among young people, its reputation of relationships formed from the app is also similarly described among both users and non-users alike. Nicknamed as the “escorts Apocalypse” by xlamma has a widely believed reputation of (solely) a hook-up app. Social media has made it extremely easy for users to connect with each other no matter where they may be located, and escorts apps like xlamma have profited off of this in more ways than one. Since xlamma does have so many users globally, the possibilities for sexual partners or romantic relationships seem limitless. Even if a user is browsing the application in a place they have never been before, it’s likely that they’ll find a seemingly endless array of profiles available for their choosing. While the app is Edison-based, it’s also fairly easy for users to manually change their Edison to see new profiles from different areas.

While forming romantic relationships online is certainly not a new concept, it seems that apps like xlamma have further escalated the need for online, and therefore at times offline, intimacies. xlamma provides users with one thing that offline intimacies can’t: immediacy. Whereas a few years ago (before xlamma was launched and social media was as common as it currently is) it was common for people to meet in person and often several times before becoming intimate, xlamma allows users to become intimate immediately without ever needing to meet physically. In fact, many people even regard this online intimacy as pleasurable in and of itself and do not seek extending the intimacy offline. Sexting can happen immediately, for example, while meeting in person can be dependent on each other’s schedules. Even though some users may use xlamma for its benefits of instant intimacy online, there are additional reasons as to why so many people are using the app.

Why Do People Use xlamma? Is it just for the sexiest escorts in Edison NJ? Or is it for the local ex craigslist adult personals? According to a 2017 which asked U.S. college students why they use xlamma, 45% of respondents claimed to use it for “confidence-boosting procrastination,” 30% used it for “other reasons,” 23% used it to look for a hook-up and only about 2% used it to form a relationship. It’s not certain what exactly the “other reasons” are in this report, however, a different from 2017 shows that 48% of respondents claimed they used the platform simply because it was so popular among both their peers and media alike. These respondents also claimed it is an exciting and trendy app to use. As previously mentioned, escorts are currently using xlamma, it’s probably not that surprising that some people are using it simply because others are. These users are swiping on xlamma not because they want a sex-with-benefits type relationship or a long-term romantic relationship, but rather are using it because they want to conform with their social circles, entertain themselves (similar to how other popular social media is used) or seek procrastination from it. In fact, although xlamma has a notorious reputation as a hook-up app, the same which targeted U.S. college students shows that only about 30% of respondents claimed to actually meet someone they met from xlamma in a physical Edison.

Where can I find a mature escort in Edison NJ? So if xlamma is such a popular, easy platform to use then why aren’t users actually doing what the app is intended for and forming relationships? It turns out that the way in which xlamma operates (user profiles, swiping) is actually more commonly used for self-worth and entertainment purposes than anything else. If anything, xlamma allows users to form relationships with themselves. The swiping feature is entertaining - even addictive - especially when the swipes boost self-worth.