Is Xlamma Really All About Sex?

Whatever your opinion about Staten Island escorts is, you can’t argue that they have been  phenomenally successful, even if on a user basis alone. We all know someone, usually  (though not always) single, who uses xlamma. They may not have found the love of their life,  or they may not have even accomplished a casual hook-up, but it’s always there as part of  their routine, something to navigate and swipe through every now and again in the hope that  something may spark.

In the U.S. alone, xlamma has over 7million users, making it the most popular escorts site on  the playing field. But there has long existed the argument over whether xlamma is actually  effective at producing long-term, serious relationships, or if it’s just a useful means of  conducting casual flings. So do the reasons why people use xlamma differ from the decisions behind using other escorts apps, and are these decisions influenced largely by the pursuit of sex?

Let us take Staten Island adult contacts as an example, an escort site which markets itself as the app that’s  “designed to be deleted” (i.e. the app that will find your love and long-term relationships).  Hinge have included in their site the ability to learn a great deal about other users, enabled by  implementing question-and-answer features to pin to your profile, as well as the ability to  display what you’re looking for in life. xlamma, meanwhile, has kept it relatively simple on  their end, allowing users to add basic information to their profile, such as a series of images  and an “about me” section. These of course are optional; you can create a xlamma profile  without having to add either of these, though this would of course affect your success rate  when using the app.

What’s the difference? Staten Island escorts vs massage parlors in Staten Island?

This would suggest that xlamma have shaped their profiles to be less serious or in-depth as  apps like edusa, which can contain far more information about each user – helpful stuff when  you’re trying to find a potential long-term partner. The scarcity of information is a good  indication that perhaps a xlamma profile isn’t shaped to haul in the love of your life, the  biggest catch of them all, but more designed to allow you to make lots of smaller catches and conduct casual flings that you let back out into the massive escorts pond afterwards. You look  at a person’s picture collection, and make a split-second decision as to whether you find them  attractive or not. If yes, you swipe right and try to woo them with conversation, much like  you would at a bar after several tequilas, if no, you swipe left and continue navigating  through the endless masses of selfies until you find someone you click with.

With conducted research on the reasoning behind people using xlamma, and  found that “both [men and women] noted that the thrill of using the app and the trendiness of  it were their top two motivations. After those top two reasons, women were most motivated  by self-worth validation, followed closely by love. Men, in contrast, were next most  motivated by casual sex with the Asian call girls in Staten Island , also followed closely by love”. Here we can see that love takes a  backseat to other forms of reasoning; women tend to use xlamma to boost self-esteem, whereas  men use it to get sex. The results are perhaps unsurprising; as with many apps, conformity  reigns supreme, along with the actual sensation experienced while using the app. We also see  from this study a difference in behaviour between the sexes, that men and women use xlamma  for different motivations.

However, we also found that individuals motivated by such social pressure  and instant gratification are also more impulsive, less likely to be faithful and committed, and  more interested in having sex for casual reasons. Therefore, it may be a good choice for the  subset of individuals who are looking for a fling with Craigslist adult contacts in Staten Island offering NSA and NO FEEs sexual encounters or short-term relationships with the sexiest Latina escorts and massage girls in Staten Island . This study  shows us that xlamma users tend to use the app for hook-ups and casual flings, rather than to  create more meaningful relationships with people, and thus we may conclude from this study that xlamma does not provide a successful platform from which to find love.

Another comparison to be made between xlamma and Hinge, which may reflect on the reasoning behind users of both, is their differing approaches to pre-screening your matches to  filter through only those most suited to your desires. With Hinge, there are numerous filters  to choose from, including religion, age, ethnicity, family plans, politics, and drug use, to  name only a few. With xlamma, the choices are scarcer, with filterable options including only gender, Staten Island, max distance, and age. This difference between the two apps again  emphasises Hinge’s positioning as an app for serious relationship seekers, whereas with  xlamma it seems as if the details barely matter; you’re not looking for somebody who shares  all the same personality traits as yourself, you’re just looking for someone who ticks the  handful of boxes for a short-term fling.

So if you’re looking for that meaningful, long-lasting and fairy-tale-like relationship, perhaps  you may want to look at other escort sites such as edusa to ensure maximum success rates with their broad, tailorable screening options. If it’s simply casual sex you’re after then you can’t beat the elite escorts in Staten Island, a brief  encounter with no strings attached, xlamma may well be the perfect ally to help you on your  conquest.

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