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Is it cheating if a married man hires a Fort Myers escort for sex without any emotion?

Cheating. Infidelity. Adultery. Affair. These words all have negative connotations to them. But is the concept behind them really that terrible?

To understand whether cheating is bad or not, we need to understand why people cheat. People cheat for many different reasons. Lack of affection, lack of sex, boredom, want to explore sexual fantasies that can’t be fulfilled with current partner, emotional support, and the list goes on. But the main takeaway is that something is missing.

You might ask, “Well, why don’t they just end the relationship?”. The answer to that is complicated. Sometimes people are actually happy in their relationships and just want to venture outside of the situation for one of the aforementioned reasons. Children could be in the mix. It could just be a convenient situation that the person doesn’t want to let go of. It could be anything! Just because a person has an affair doesn’t mean they hate or dislike their partner.

But it’s bad right?

Cheating isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes cheating doesn’t ruin a relationship, it makes it last.

Picture this scenario. You are in a marriage. You have beautiful children, a nice house, a dog, dual incomes from you and your spouse. You and your family go out to eat and do fun things together all the time. You’ve been together for years and know each other inside and out. Seems like the ideal situation right?

But what if you guys don’t have deep conversations anymore? You don’t flirt with each other anymore. Work, children and adulting take up the majority of your time so you end up not being as close as you used to. You don’t spend as much time together, just the two of you. Your sex life is pretty much non-existent and when you actually get around to it, it feels like a chore. There’s no passion.

You end up with this “ideal” life on the surface, that is really tearing at the seems. So you confide in one of your friends’ attractive friends, or that attractive coworker that always lowkey hits on you. You end up connecting on that level that you crave, which fills all the empty spots that your partner has neglected. Now you are whole. Now you can go back to your partner and the ideal life that you’ve created, and live it, without yearning to give up your role due to unmet personal needs.

So based on this scenario, obtaining emotional or sexual support from someone outside of the relationship might make life in the relationship more tolerable.

But also, we as human beings are innately social and sexual creatures. We are meant to procreate and further the evolution of our species.

Monogamy is an ideal. A state of mind established on principles developed by the founders of this country. Actually, in certain other cultures, having affairs or multiple sexual partners is a normal part of society and is becoming more widely accepted in North America, due in part to escort sites and the ease of access to sexual partners in Fort Myers and discreet escorts.

One of those sites, particularly focused on this topic is the massage parlors website. massage parlors is a Fort Myers escorts and social networking service that originated in Canada, focused on connecting people who are married or in relationships. A nefarious affair enabler, if you will. Founded in 2001 by Noel Biderman and Darren J. Morgenstern, this website's popularity increased due to the site's website data being held hostage in 2015. Hackers burglarized names, emails, sexual fantasies, addresses, and credit card information, and threatened to release the information to the public if the site was not permanently closed down.

Imagine having your reputation on the line and your family life hanging in the balance due to your inability to remain monogamous, or faithful, to the life partner that you solemnly swore to be with until death do you part. Scary stuff right? But who is at fault for the creation of this precarious position? Did the mere existence of a platform created to enable extramarital affairs coerce “victims” into exploring the social taboo? Or was it human nature that just utilized a convenient tool?

The answer? massage parlors in Fort Myers FL is definitely a tool that makes having discreet encounters much more attainable and efficient. I mean, having affairs has been in existence long before the thought of the creation of a website to streamline the process. Now, does seeing a commercial or ad about a website or app that makes it easier to cheat, influence the development from thoughts to action? Absolutely. There is no denying that.

But Infidelity is bound to happen with or without the site, so to say that a website is a root cause would be false. This product is just the icing on the cake. Having the ability to just create a profile and broadcast yourself to thousands of people who are and aren’t in your area is a godsend for the avid “adulterer”.

There generally tends to be negative thoughts associated with websites that promote promiscuity, especially ones that go against the fabric of the societal mentality, such as massage parlors. But I think differently. There are those in society who seek to discover themselves through the exploration of other people. Those who are in sexless relationships. Those who want to temporarily escape their realities with like minded individuals. Those who don’t want to be looked down upon by peers for engaging in, and wanting to engage in extramarital affairs. Those who need an ultimate discretionary tool, that is similarly used by people who will accept them and their “taboo” ways. Those who dare to live freely. Those who want to fill a gap that their partner is not able to fill. Those who want to rediscover passion.

I believe there is something for everybody in this world. Sometimes you need to change your perspective in order to really see. People explore opportunities outside of their current situations for various reasons, and majority of the time it isn’t intended to hurt another person. Its more so discovery of self. I know it sounds like the cliché break up line, “It’s me, not you,” but that’s because it usual is something going on with the individual switching things up. Massage parlors in Fort Myers makes it possible for that switch to happen.