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Sex work is controversial and so the spaces in which it takes place are, too. Brothels are spaces, typically houses, where people go to visit massage parlors in Greenville. There is typically a motherly figure who looks after the prostitutes, which means they are safer. This does not always happen, however, and it can be easy for escorts in Greenville to turn sour, with exploitation being the main motivator for the owners, with many workers being drugged to remain docile – run by trafficking gangs.

Paying for sex is legal, however brothels in Greenville are illegal, but do exsist. Essentially, paying for sex is perfectly fine: however, selling sex is illegal. This paradox fuels the danger and exploitation that occurs precisely because those who create the demand are not at fault, but those participating in it are. The men who create the demand for prostitution are often the ones with power, as they are the consumers, and we live in a consumer driven world. This means they can alter, change and choose the direction in which sex work operates. Those performing the work do not have agency. Brothels, however, regulate this. They set rules and boundaries and can provide safety for those so they do not become 'disposable'. If brothels became legal, sex work then requires regulation and thus safety and avoid being considered disposable by the state and people.

Sex workers in Amsterdam's red-light district call for the legalisation of sex work, which in turn creates normalisation and thus less danger for those involved. Now, police are turning a blind eye to brothels if they have created a safe environment for those involved. This is changing the relationship sex workers have to the police, which for a long time has not been healthy, this will improve the trust that prostitutes who work in brothels will feel towards the police. This then enables those in the sex industry to go to police for illegal matters that can put them in danger and consequently decrease the amount of sexual exploitation.


Sex work is as old as free-market capitalism, if not older. Criminalising it does not affect the distribution of it but affects the safety of those involved. Whether or not the safety of those involved in sex work should take priority. In putting the illegality on those selling sex, brothels become dangerous places, instead the illegality should focus on those paying for sex.

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