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The future of escorts, massage parlors and escort agencies in Virginia

It’s an experience many people have tried and many have ran away from. It’s discussed in hushed tones at dinner parties, whispered, lips to ear, hand to mouth: the experiment; the foolish mistake; the bold adventure; a sexcapade. 

We’re talking of course about that year in college. We’re talking about that time you were so lonely or so horny with that friend and it just happened. You visited an escort for sex.

Whether you did or you didn’t, studies performed by the International Academy of Sex Research have shown that 1 in every 10 men visit escorts in Hampton and who identify themselves as straight have engaged in gay sexual activity. If it’s not you, it may very well be someone that you know. And if no-one you know has been seduced by the temptations of a same-sex lover, well consider this: would you tell them about it?

If you are a gay escort in Fredericksburg, can you honestly say you haven’t thought about it? I mean, it does make sense that a man might understand how to give a better blow job, having been the recipient of blow jobs. And ladies, who knows the anatomy of the vagina better than you? Wouldn’t your girlfriends’ fingers find your clitoris with greater ease than your current or previous boyfriend?

Maybe all of this is so far away from your own experience that it seems crazy to you. But what if I told you that your kids, when they get to dating age, will not find these things so embarrassing. In fact, what if I told you that your kids will look to any type of person to satisfy those sinful desires?

With thousands of singles now visiting Hampton massage parlors and 39% of couples meeting online, it is getting easier and easier to fall into the arms of a stranger. The question is simply this: how “strange” are you willing to go?

What is Genderqueer?

Genderqueer and the term ‘Non-binary’ describe the exact same thing. In basic terms, they posit the idea of legitimately defined genders (male, female) existing, but existing as a part of a larger concept of identity.

Imagine a fixed point on one side of a room, which we’ll call male, and another on the opposite side of the room, female. The space between those two points - that is genderqueer. To really validate some people’s proven experiences we also have to assume that the laws of physics do not apply in this room, as you can literally be in two places at once.

This leads to a world of all-inclusive participation, where as far as gender is concerned, nothing is off-limits. In genderqueer, you can find a world of buzzcuts in bikinis, of armpit hair in Allsaints, moustaches and mammary glands - all in the same person.

The Future of Straight Dating

‘So how will this affect my children?’, you ask. And what if your child doesn’t want to date genderqueer? What if they make the same wild mistakes that you or your friend did in your youth? What if they’re emboldened with lust for thrilling sexual experimentation, only to find themselves cringing with embarrassment in later life?

First, though, I’ll tell you a story. Kevin and Janice have been married for 20 years now. Kevin is a man in his early 40s, a family man; he goes out and earns the money for his nuclear household, his wife and their three kids. Janice is concerned because her and Kevin, for some time now, have stopped making love.

The relationship is normal in all aspects, but no matter Janice’s efforts - sexy lingerie, new perfume, dirty talk, naked pictures - she just can’t get Kevin to “deliver the goods”.

Each night, Kevin is coming home from work later and later. Even worse, his work trips to neighboring cities have become more frequent, and at the weekends now. One could say: “dirty weekends”.

On one of these weekends, Janice elects to solve this mystery for good and to find conclusive proof that Kevin is cheating. She checks his work laptop history and finds, in the bookmarks of his web-browser, a dating site. Furious, Janice uses the auto log-in to gain access to his profile and navigates to messages. There she finds that Kevin is using this site to hook up...with a man named Peter.

Now, this type of situation is not too common, but it’s not uncommon. Author Bonnie Kaye, who runs the world’s primary online support group for women like Janice, ‘Gay Husbands, Straight Wives’, reports that over 4 million women are currently married to a gay man in the US alone. However, as we gain deeper insight and broader understanding of gender and sexuality thereafter, it is clear that men like Kevin exist sexually on a spectrum, a sliding scale.

Just like in our gender room where you can exist in two places at once, perhaps it is simply society which tells us that in this situation you must throw the entire marriage away. Sexuality is fixed and it is forbidden to have your cake and eat it. But is it?

Callum, a 29 year old gay escort in Hampton who’s quote began this article, has bedded more than one straight person. “They go on xlamma to find a trans escort in Virginia, I occasionally meet them in real life as well. Most of the time they block you as soon as they are out the door.”

“Eventually, I will do some dating rather than just hook ups, and might move onto Tinder. It’s a different user experience. Some think Tinder is the bottom of the commitment barrel, but xlamma literally gives you a grid menu of options in Hampton order. It’s part of the appeal. Sometimes it is a matter of need and convenience. ”

Do the Younger Generations Know Something We Don’t?

It only takes a cursory glance on some sites to see how attitudes have changed towards gender, with Gen Z in particular displaying pronouns (She/Her, He/Him, They/Them) in their bios. As for the generation after, it is likely to be conventional wisdom that gender is too varied to fit into simply “male” and “female” boxes. After this soft revolution, perhaps a harder one relating to how we interact sexually will cause another shift, and people’s sex-lives will become completely fluid as well. This could have saved Kevin and Janice from a lot of strife. It could save Callum’s lover, in the opening paragraph, his feelings of horror. It could open up new opportunities for love, the likes of which most of today’s singletons may never see in their lifetimes. One thing is for certain, sharing sex with escorts in Hampton VA and intersex experiences with one another is on an upward incline, and shame and suffering as a result of that is in decline.

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