What types of girls are becoming Norfolk escorts? The popularity of online escorts is continuing to grow – but what is it people are looking for? Is it love or lust? When the xlamma phenomenon began, the app was at the top of its game. Whether it was casual escorts, sex or a serious relationship you were looking for – you could find it here, right at your fingertips. However as more and more escort apps are being developed, singles can now pick and choose which one works best for them depending on what they are seeking.

How has the Internet accelerated the growth of girls wanting to work in the Norfolk VA escort agency business? We’ll get to the facts and statistics in just a minute, but let’s talk first about my experience. I thought I would try it out myself to see what kind of people are on there, how many matches would actually speak up and if It would improve my self-esteem (spoiler alert – it didn’t). I was quite surprised at what I found, first surprise being how obsessed I became with swiping left and right. Of course, I think it’s terribly shallow and if you’re looking for more than a hook-up then surely this can’t be based on a photo of someone. However, there is something so thrilling about just sifting through attractive, in my case men, and seeing if they like the look of you too. I did this for about three days so I could get some matches to work with and ended up with around 80. I, maybe naively, assumed most of the men that had matched with me would send a message, but only 18 actually started a conversation. That’s just 23%. Which leads me to think a large proportion of xlamma users are simply on there for an ego-boost, and not to find love or even lust.

How easy is it to hire an escort in Norfolk VA near me from your smartphone? I can’t say those that did speak up really swept me off my feet anyway. A few simple ‘Hey’s, a few terrible chat-up lines with very sexual innuendo, and a few good old Gifs’ - which I have to admit did make me laugh, I'm a sucker for a cheeky Gif. But all in all, I struggled to see how any of my matches were there to have meaningful insightful conversation or really get to know me. I may have only been a user for a few days, but the idea I got is people are using xlamma for sex. Now this isn’t the case for everyone, and I do have some friends that have met their other halves on xlamma; but most admit now they will use other apps like Bumble or Hinge to look for something other than a friend with benefits.

Isn’t it better for a married guy to visit a massage parlor in Norfolk VA than to sign-up on a dating site looking for no strings sex? According to Business of Apps, xlamma is built around the idea of the ‘double opt-in' - taking out the element of unwanted attention and the embarrassment of escorts. This is based on the concept that in order to chat you need to have liked each other and matched; then just as easily you can un-match or report unwanted exchanges. In fairness to the app and its users, most people do have the opportunity to and do seem to be honest about their intentions. Right there in their ‘bio’s’ they can express exactly what it is they are looking for; relationship / causal / just sex. So, if you’re looking for someone on the same page as you, xlamma is the way to go. You don’t even need that awful period of small talk! Yipee!

What will men’s reaction be to women who visit male escorts in Norfolk? Now more than ever, we are seeing the empowerment of single women, owning their want and need for sex - (mostly) without judgement or embarrassment. And, side note, girls that this applies to – listen to Summer Walker’s song Girls Need Love if you haven’t already (you’ll love it!). This means that men looking for something casual, no longer need to prey on a poor unsuspecting girl, searching for love on xlamma; when they can find someone looking for exactly what they are. With over 57 million users worldwide, you really can find exactly what you want.

What can a guy get sexually from visiting Norfolk escorts that they can’t get from their own girlfriend? xlamma suggests that over half of their user base is aged between 18-24; so, it comes as no surprise to me that people aren’t mostly using the app to find a serious relationship. Personally, I think it’s great. The younger generation are getting married later, having children later and focusing on career over love. Growing up, I had the idea by 23 I'd be married, 2 kids by 26 and retire early at 55. Ok so life hasn’t quite worked out this way. I’m 24 now, paying a fortune on rent in London, recently been dumped, and I still call my mum to check what can and can’t go in the microwave (by the way, and I can’t stress this enough, tin-foil is a big no no!). There is still so much I want to do before I look for anything serious and I do feel a great sense of freedom not being tied down. This doesn’t however mean I don’t want to engage in flirting or sexual relations. Enter xlamma. What a great way to stay in the game, whilst also actively telling your nan no you don’t have a boyfriend because you are a strong independent woman and you don’t care she was “married and had kids at your age”.

When did young men reviewing the Norfolk escorts they have had sex with become the new normal? Look, I'm not bashing xlamma and suggesting you can’t find a nice serious relationship on the app. You absolutely can. And in a pool of serial daters, fuckboys and players; there will be guys looking for love, just keep swiping! But according to Business of Apps xlamma statistics 13.6% of users believe they have found their soulmate and are engaged or married, compared to 45.4% of relationships formed lasting between 1 date and 1 year. Whatever it is you’re looking for, give xlamma a go, you’ll find it. I’d just suggest being honest in your bio about what that is to avoid disappointment.


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