Where can I find a night in Jersey City with a difference?

At first sight, New Jersey nightlife is like any other town. In the center you'll encounter a wealth of bars and nightclubs, banging out the latest chart hits and dance classics. If that's your thing then head to the Hudson Bar or Dukes and then dance the night away at the town's largest nightclub. If, however, you're looking for something a bit different, Jersey has a terrific choice of entertaining escorts and massage girls, perfect for those who prefer a more sophisticated venue, live entertainment, or somewhere erotica friendly. The town also has a thriving live music scene. An eclectic calendar of New Jersey escorts is hosted where big name porn star call girls also regularly perform in this atmospheric old church. Not everyone wants to hit it hard with the shots and happy hour cocktails and luckily those visiting Jersey massage parlors for a dry night will find plenty to do. The town's large Theatre showcases some of the real Jersey housewives working as local independent New Jersey escorts acclaimed plays whilst the tiny massage girls are a more cozy and intimate choice. The town is also a growing foodie hub with restaurants such as the Tavern winning awards and receiving glowing reviews in the national press.

A Saturday morning in the life of a New Jersey escort:

 We all know and love that feeling, the sense of infinity as you leisurely get out of bed on a Saturday morning knowing you have no set agenda. Sure, I need to grab some food shopping later on, and I did say that I was going to cheer on my fiancé’s football team in the afternoon. But as it stands right now on this crisp yet sunny Saturday morning, my time is mine and I will do what I want with it. I had heard about a new café opening in the town center. A colleague from work had been there on a previous weekend and made a point of telling us all about it on a Monday. At the time, I had questioned the logic behind establishing yet another café as they seem to be on a 2:1 ratio with the other shops on the high street. How much caffeine can the residents of New Jersey take in at any one time? But it was something about the name of this place that enticed me and got me motivated to pull on my jeans, brush my hair and head out of my front door on that endless Saturday morning.

How many Asian massage girls work in New Jersey?

I love the mornings before my shift starts at the New Jersey massage parlor! I grabbed my keys and after a brisk 15-minute walk (the cold weather certainly put some speed in my step) I arrived outside what has now become spoiler alert, my new favorite coffee shop in town. Before I walked through the door, I was already greeted by the joy of what was to come. Bunting strewn across the shop windows, small and happy looking flowers sitting on brightly colored benches outside the front. A jingle above my head from the restored old shopkeeper door chime as I walked in. How quaint. “Hi there, take a seat and we’ll be with you in a moment” came the voice from a young, frightening fashionable woman behind the counter. I almost didn’t know what to do at that moment. Sit down before ordering my extra hot, dry cappuccino? I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been to a coffee shop that offered table service. When I told that to my mum, she was somewhat saddened by the remark and then I got the “in my day” speech. I get it, nothing novel about table service – well in today’s world it actually is.

What do escorts in New Jersey do? 

So obligingly, I drew up a pastel pink chair alongside an equally sublime yellow table, which had the cutest vase of freshly cut bluebells sitting squarely in the middle. I took a deep exhale as my body and mind adjusted to the bright, yet relaxing surroundings. May my limitless Saturday morning continue before I receive my first client at the busiest New Jersey escort agency. As if the concept of table service wasn’t quite enough for one outing, I was then excited and surprised to see a black-jeans-wearing guy arrive at my table to hand me a printed menu. No looking around for the sexiest New Jersey escorts for the infamous chalkboard of options, many of which are often either so badly written or have faded into obscurity that you end up ordering your same old regular drink just because you have no idea what else they serve. This place has impressed me so far, I thought to myself that I must bring my New Jersey escort agency friends to this place, so why not let them rise to the challenge of crafting me one of the more eclectic drinks on the menu. When my black-jeans-clad waiter returned, I took pleasure in ordering a large Hazelnut Chai Latte. “A cheeky slice of cake to go with that?” came the offer. As if my coffee wasn’t going to have enough empty calories in it, why not add insult to injury? And so I did just that. In my defense, I’d love to see how any of your willpower stands up when sitting no more than 10 feet away from nothing short of a village fare baking competition stand. Lemon drizzle, Victoria sponge, Sticky ginger, the classics. And for good measure, some newcomers including Rocky Road brownies, Paleo flapjacks, and Peanut protein balls. Deciding that the flapjack was the way to go, I took the plunge and ordered with delight.

Do New Jersey escorts provide girlfriend experience? 

Picture this. I’m seated at the table, scarf undone and obsessively folded, and order placed, where nobody knows that I am a sex worker and in the next hour I will probably be having an intimate sexual encounter with my first client of the day. What do I do now? There have to be at least 4 minutes to kill before my hot drink and unnecessary snack arrives. So I did what I love to do when I am on holiday – and that’s people watch. A couple deep in conversation (would love to have been a fly on the wall for that one), a mum trying her best to keep her young twin boys under some faint sense of control. Everyone genuinely looked as though they were so settled in this place, a real home from home. After a few minutes, my friendly but not at all creepy waiter brought over my drink and flapjack. The latte was served in a stoneware mug, just the sort that I have been lusting over for the past year but can’t justify buying given I already own about 30 “favorite” mugs. Accompanying it was a pretty little gold spoon, to make a light effort of stirring in a sugar cube which was eagerly waiting on the table if I wanted one. Now for the taste test. Chai Latte? Amazing. Flapjack? I need the recipe! 30 minutes must have passed, me in my own little world savoring my drink and thinking about everything and nothing at the same time. But the time came for me to leave, to get on with my day. Whilst walking home, plucking up the courage to hit the supermarket I thought what a wonderful morning I have had. I shall be back, perhaps even next week. Strawberry Grove, you are why my Saturday mornings shall never be the same again.

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