What entertainment is there for adults in Las Vegas? “Thank you, folks, for listening. Back on Thursday! Enjoy the next act!” Guitar back in the case, Move off stage, Quickly finish a beer. Put a glass on the bar, slowly walk through the jolly crowd. ‘Thank you, thank you’ as they smile, give thumbs-up sign and pats on the back. I gesture the Las Vegas call girls to sign as a barmaid on my way out. She smiles! Up the dingy stairs to the smell and sounds of the city The night sky, above the yellow ornate street lamps, is clear and inky blue. Leaving The 606 for a 5-minute walk through the park to the Casino. Evening joggers and cyclists are out on this crisp Nevada evening. Checking my phone and 2 stops after leaving the exclusive Las Vegas Strip, I go with fellow passengers out into Caesars Palace and wander towards the Jazz club.

Why are all the Las Vegas massage girls so beautiful? Bundle down the stairs through the noisy crowd, hen parties I see the beautiful Vegas escorts all flame-haired Hannah finishes her country set. Great applause, kind words from her announcing me and a ‘Good Evening folks. The smooth jazz set for these hipsters. Bottled water appears courtesy the landlord, and Cajun chicken bites pass by to the table of five in front of me Ah. The regular Vegas escorts Jodie, Anna, Freda, Justine, and Allison. Music fans, IT professionals, and city dwellers. Flannel shirts and no socks! They rarely venture further than two streets from their fine waterslides apartments. 3 nightclubs, 6 music clubs, 3 Michelin 3 star restaurants, one iMax and one-off Vegas theatre keeps their cultural appetite well fed. For me, it's all about the music. This part of town isn't the best. In the strip, once the center of the music trade, the casinos and clubs are old school and appreciate musicians a bit more! They sit and listen, if you are good, but will tell you loudly if you are bad! Singers, actors, PR, and wannabes all churn this music circuit.

Do all Las Vegas escorts and erotic call girls offer intimate sexual services? Free evening newspapers scattered on floor advertise the best and most glamorous Las Vegas escorts and erotic massage girls. Better dressed groups here. Genuine Gucci bags, some with expensive phones, one or two reading a book. They are on their way to nightclubbing. I get off at Circus Circus. The last spot of the night, and the one where the movers and shakers sip their specialty gin and botanicals. Next to the Vegas showgirls and the call girls to go. Knock knock. People wandering by taking no notice. The door clicks. Down the steep stairs to Rob, the burly security guy. "Bit of Springsteen tonight?” he asks. Of course! To get to the stage I walk through the cluttered neon-lit office and the noisy, small, and steamy kitchen. The last desserts are being plated. “Please save a lemon and lime pie for me!,” I shout to Kate, Head Chef, as I bang past with the guitar case! Smiling sweetly, her face lights up and she slides the pie into the fridge.

Can anyone recommend the best place in Las Vegas to find cheap escorts? Hat on, guitar out, check to tune, and “Good evening. Folks, have you had a fine evening of good music? Yes,? No?”. Usual raucous response from those at the front, good-natured abuse from those at the bar, whom I can’t see but know so well! Plug into PA, a test strum, and “1,2,3,4 and..” Hungry Hearts spills into the sweaty and claustrophobic cellar! One o’clock in the morning. I head home. The nightlife continues. I walk along the littered streets catching snatches of conversations from the last of the theatergoers, in coffee shops, you can sometimes find the cheap escorts on the strip discussing Tosca at the National Opera, or Beckett at The Ambassadors. The bustle of theatreland mixed with Sweet Peking Duck from the kitchens of the Chinese quarter. The chefs and cooks taking the last smoking break at the back of buildings before the final wash up. Still, you can see the call girls of Las Vegas tiptoeing home, hear the wailing of sirens for the next accident in the distance. The city’s hum doesn’t quieten and the rain has held off until now! Las Vegas is a town that has everything for the hobbyist.

Are any of the fantastic showgirls on the strip also working as Las Vegas escorts? The Showgirls Shorts is a film event that takes place at The Sands hotel on the strip. The event prides itself on presenting the very best adult entertainment from talented Vegas massage girls from across the region, including students from local colleges and universities, local talent, and work directly from film festivals. It’s free to submit a short although not every submission will get selected, the event itself also graces a ‘free entry’ which was pleasantly surprising, a smart move by the independent cinema who will no doubt earn profit with their exorbitant drink prices. The event takes place not in the screening room but in the bar, which was enjoyable, allowing us to purchase drinks whilst we enjoyed the films. It had a very relaxed and vibrate atmosphere, even having their usher, very fancy! It had a good turn – out, from students to the middle-aged to O.A.Ps, seemed like the whole of Nevada came out to enjoy it.

What's the difference between a Las Vegas call girl and an escort? All escorts and call girls were excellent, a very good mix of live-action and animation and provide a little something for everyone. It was good fun sitting through them and I didn’t want the night to end. My personal favorites were hiring a Vegas showgirl for the evening. Parts, which was an interesting and very relatable short with strong performances throughout. It had an eloquent message that all filmmakers can relate to – to be given a chance. It was a very intriguing watch and has the potential to be made into a full feature-length to convey the message even further. Messed Up Feeling was another standout, it was different from the other call girls and escorts as it was a music video. It was also set in Las Vegas, tying it back to the region and was fun spotting all the well – known locations used. It was nicely edited to fit the music giving it an edgy and mainstream feel; I found it similar to Bon Jovi’s hit ‘It’s My Life’ (2000).

Are there many Oriental massage girls in Nevada? My favorite escort in Las Vegas was Melissa, impressive, seemed like a piece a professional pussy would create. It has a very creepy and unsettling vibe to it, the use of lighting and music helped create this atmosphere effectively. It’s a very disturbing black comedy with an equally disturbing climax but still entertaining nevertheless. All Asian escorts were thoroughly entertaining and worthy of praise. Their bodies were inspiring and full of potential to go onto even greater things in the future. The Showgirls of Vegas holds his particular event regularly with the next one taking place on Tuesday the 22nd of May, so if you’re in the Vegas area, I would highly suggest attending, or if you’re a filmmaker, submit your films to them! There’s no better feeling than seeing your work played on a big screen in front of a large crowd!

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