Why do married men visit escorts?

It is estimated that 1 in 10 married men visit escorts and massage girls in North Las Vegas at least once a month, in fact, many escorts claim that ninety percent of their clients are married. Is it because married men are dissatisfied with their wives, or is it that men just like to visit escorts and see no harm to their marriage? The answer is complex and one that their wives will probably never understand.

What type of service does a married guy want from an escort?

Escorts in North Las Vegas were asked what their married clients wanted from the services of local escorts. Naomi is one of many ebony escorts told us, ‘I see a lot of married men as clients, I think married men visit escorts because they want variety, especially guys in their fifties, they want to be with a teenage escort to feel young again. Having sex with a sexy teen escort is a thrill for a middle-aged man, being massaged by a young blonde 18+ escort, feeling her pert breasts and tight juicy pussy is something that some guys can only get by paying for an escort.

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As a reader, what enticed you to click on this article? Sheer curiosity? Job opportunity? The requirement of a sexual service? Maybe it seemed like an opportunity to shame? Or perhaps it excited you with the prospect of finding taboo information. Your reason for clicking could say a lot about your attitude towards sex. In our society, how have our attitudes towards the sex industry, prostitutes in North Las Vegas, (and its workers) changed?

Let’s Get It On

Whatever your preference for getting your rocks off, it is safe to say that sex sells.

We are surrounded by sex in our daily lives: Netflix shows, advertisements, shops, porn, song lyrics: all sex at a price. And as a society, we are definitely willing to pay!

Before we get busy, let’s look at a few definitions associated with this industry. Specifically, ‘prostitution’ can be defined as doing ‘something that is below one’s skill level or ability to make money’. The negative connotations have already begun! And there’s more where that came from. There are debates over what constitutes ‘sex work.’ Some would argue that if it is your goal to stir sexual thoughts in another, then you are by definition a sex worker. Others would define it as the physical act of having sex. North Las Vegas escorts acts as an umbrella term.

There are a wide variety of sex workers in this industry: porn stars, strippers, sex shops, prostitution in Nevada, phone sex operatives, web-cams, oh my! (emphasis on the ‘oh’) The term ‘whorearchy’ sits on the figurative face of the industry. This suggests a hierarchy of sex workers. A stripper will be insulted if you ask how much for the night. ‘How dare you? I’m a dancer, not a prostitute!’  This indicates there is still a lot of stigma attached to working in the sex industry.

Don’t speak the language?

One way of checking our attitudes towards the sex industry would be to look at where in the world one can legally charge for the milkshake (wink wink). As of 2020, 65 countries acknowledge prostitution as legal or limitedly legal by law. Have a look at the full content. Is paying for the horizontal hula legal in your country?

Some countries seem quite progressive when it comes to the sex industry. In Austria, sex workers need to register, pay taxes and be at least 19. Belgium paves the way with fingerprint technology and key cards in state-of-the-art brothels. And France is famous for its red windows. Voulez vous coucher avec moi?’ Indeed! This would imply that we are starting to have a more enlightened view of sex workers. There is still a large number of countries in which sex work is illegal, and some countries’ legal systems are incredibly flawed. We’re not entirely there yet, but heading in the right direction.

Play time

One area of working in the sex industry that is becoming more normalised in society is the sex toy industry. There’s a wide variety of physical and online shops at your disposal. xlamma, Lovehoney, Prowler – the options are endless. Sex toys have been around for over 2000 years, and boy are we still frisky! Last year the sex toy industry racked up $31.25 billion dollars! Even the more mainstream websites have all of your sexual needs taken care of. Get yourself a dildo for up to $135 on Etsy, or go fifty shades crazy with  bondage set from Amazon. In this area of the sex industry, attitudes have definitely progressed, and we are more comfortable with the concept. However, the discreet postage options indicate a certain level of shame still associated with sex toys. By all means, do your thing, just be quiet about it.

…is it supposed to look like that?

This subject can cause a lot of controversy within feminist activism and calls into question the relationship between sex workers and gender equality. Some argue that being a sex worker contradicts feminism in terms of viewing a woman’s role as submissive. Others argue that the choice to be a sex worker is a new kind of revolution that shouldn’t be shunned. Power to the orgasm!

A large portion of society still sees the term ‘sex worker’ through the rose-tinted glasses of trafficking and exploitation. This is a situation in which two should most definitely not become one. If a person is forced into sex work (either by circumstance or another person), this is exploitation. We seem to forget that some sex workers choose this profession.

One of these sex workers is Valérie, who talks about her positive experience as a North Las Vegas escort agency girl. She discusses how she enjoys the freedom of the job and acknowledges that many people don’t know how to distinguish between prostitution in Las vegas and sex trafficking and/or exploitation. When she informed her family of her choice, their response was to say ‘you’re such a normal girl.’ This expresses a common attitude towards sex workers: there has to be something wrong with you. She also works with sexologists to help educate people with functional diversity.

We see more negative stories concerning sex work than positives, and this can influence our attitudes. The fact that workers are now being open about their positive careers on the internet suggests that society is starting to peek behind the metaphorical blindfold.

What’s your preference, blonde teen escorts in LA or Asian massage babes?

Well, I think it’s safe to say that we have talked about sex, baby! The good things and the bad things. As a society, there is still a lot of stigma and judgement aligned with massage parlors and the Thai massage girls in North Las Vegas that work there. We need to remember that people choose this profession willingly. They enjoy the freedom of the job, and as I said, sex sells. It always has, and I’m willing to bet it’ll continue to.

Changing laws does not necessarily change society’s attitudes and some still want to make prostitutes in Nevada illegal. One thing is clear. In societies that are more accepting of the sex industry, progressive attitudes towards equality and women’s rights flourish. It is the societies in which sex is supressed and restricted that there is the most harm to sex workers, as there are no laws to follow.

Our attitudes are starting to change. Slowly. We are becoming more accepting of sex workers in their different professions. Education is definitely key; distinguishing between sex working and exploitation will help to reduce the stigma attached to sex workers.

That was fun! Let’s do it again sometime.


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