What is the most requested service independent escorts in Martinsburg get from clients?

If you look at the online escorts you should see a clue. All of the girls list 'the girlfriend experience' as the first service on their profiles. It's certainly my most requested service too. I don't think that's unique to West Virginia escorts. I have some friends who work in Martinsburg escort agencies, they tell me that most guys want anal sex, oral without condom and watersports, you know, where I pee on a guy. We're talking about hard-working professional men, most of who are married. They just want some intimacy. Maybe their wives aren't interested in sexual intercourse anymore and they're just looking for someone to show them some care and attention.


Ask escorts Martinsburg

Kristen is an American girl next door type, who is now working as an independent female escort in Martinsburg

How did you start as an escort?

I was in a sorority house and studying at the West Virginia University, living on campus. I come from a working class blue collar family, so I had to fund my own lifestyle. I got a part-time job at a local bar as a cocktail waitress. One of the regular customers who came to the bar every night was the owner of a local escort agency in Martinsburg, one evening we got talking and to cut a long story short he dropped his business card on the bar and said if I ever wanted to make some real money to give him a call, he said I would be perfect as a Martinsburg escort

So you rang him and started working as Martinsburg escorts?

Yeah, I was tired of having no money and getting more and more in debt. My credit cards were unto their limits and I knew that men were interested in me because I had lots of offers from older guys in the bar wanting to take me out to fancy restaurants, which I always turned down.

Do you remember your first booking?

Oh yes! I was shaking like a leaf. The guy that hired me had seen my pictures on my profile page on the escort agencies website and wanted a young blonde Martinsburg escort to accompany him to a dinner function. However, he was very respectful, a quite a good-looking guy, he made me feel very at ease and chatted about my college days.

Did you have any sexual intercourse with your first booking?

Absolutely, he told me I was the most beautiful escorts in Martinsburg that he had ever been with. After the dinner we went back to his hotel room and I got paid $600 for an evening of sex.

How did you feel after the first time you let a man fuck you for money?

I thought it was better to let men fuck me for money rather than let them fuck me for free. I was buzzing on the thought that I had become a call girl in Martinsburg and that I could make so much money for letting men fuck me. I realised that working as escorts Martinsburg was something that I enjoyed. I no longer had to suffer the despair of having no money, no nice clothes and as an added bonus I discovered that having sex with lots of different men on a daily basis is quite a turn-on.

As an 18 year old teen escort in West Virginia, Do you still enjoy sexual intercourse with clients ?

More than ever, I don’t think that an independent escort, call girl or the girls that work in Martinsburg massage parlors could do the job if they didn’t like be fucked. In fact, I would go one step further; I get quite disappointed if a client doesn’t want to end the booking some form of intimacy, giving him a blow job, letting him rim my ass or best of all getting fucked up the ass.

What is the most requested service that your clients want sexually?

Nearly all guys want a real girlfriend experience including anal sex with Martinsburg escorts. They want to feel that the girl they are with, even if she is twenty years younger than him, is receptive to his charms and that she does fancy him So, with the GFE service there is lots of kissing, oral sex and full intercourse and then letting hime cum in my mouth. 

How many clients do you see in a week? 

Like most teen 18 year old escorts in Martinsburg I am always in demand, I limit my days now to four days a week and I sometimes see unto twelve men a day. But I can make three to four thousand bucks a week in that time frame. 

Do you ever regret leaving West Virginia university for a career as an escort in Martinsburg?

I sometimes think what would I have become had I graduated. But the truth is I love my life as a Martinsburg call girl. I’ve met loads of nice guys and also the other girls at my escort agency have become my best friends. When you’re in this business you tend to stick with other working girls who understand the nature of the job. I can’t imagine what my old friends at college would think of me if they knew I am now a prostitute in Martinsburg and aI am letting dozens of different men have actual sexual intercourse with me every day for money.   

Are there any trans escorts in Martinsburg?

Trans escorts, shemales, Tgirls  ladyboys and crossdressers are all available as escorts and massage girls in Martinsburg

Where is the best escort agency in Martinsburg to provide a variety of mature escorts that offer actual sexual intercourse?Check the listings page of your chosen area to find the Martinsburg escort agencies that offer the widest choice of female escorts. 

What sexual service can independent Martinsburg escorts provide that a wife or girlfriend can’t?

Where do we start? Anal sex, body worship, BDSM escorts, foot worship, rimming, oral both ways, cum in mouth escorts,  watersports, I mean how many men can ask their wife to piss over them, but it is very popular. 

Are there any cheap escorts in Martinsburg that give erotic massage and full sexual services including girlfriend experience with rimming?

You can always find a variety of prices for adult services from female escorts, West Virginia call girls and massage girls in Martinsburg.

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