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Bianca 27 is a blonde escort in Canary Wharf

Do men prefer blondes? 

I believe that there has been a lot of scientific research into this question over the years. One theory is that blondes are more promiscuous than brunettes and for that reason men are more attracted to blonde escorts. I know that on sites like Tinder more likes are recorded for blonde girls than any other.  When clients visit me I try to put them at ease by being jokey with them. When a client finds an escort in Canary Wharf that he feels comfortable with there is a good chance he will become a regular, which is what all massage girls and escorts want. It’s nice when you get to know punters, you understand what they like, what turns them on and they get to know what you like. 

Do escorts enjoy sex with clients?

This question goes back to regular clients. With my regulars, part of the relationship is knowing the right buttons to push. This can only happen when a guy understands a woman. So yes I do enjoy sex with my clients, with some of my regulars it’s almost like a affair, they know how to bring me to orgasm. I can't answer for all escorts but I know some massage girls in Canary Wharf that see over twenty guys in a day. As for me, I would usually average ten punters a day that I have full sex with.

Do all escorts offer girlfriend experience?

With so many escorts online these days adultwork, escorts in Canary Wharf have to be competitive and offer all services. If a guy wants oral sex without a condom and a girl wont do that, the guy simply calls the next working girl online and she will. It’s the same with all fetishes, some guys want bareback, most escorts don't do that, but some will. If that trend continues to grow, pretty soon all girls will give bareback sex to their clients. I think this will be a big mistake for the sex workers in general because the sexually transmitted disease rate will go up and the whole thing will be blamed on local escorts. 

What type of girl becomes an escort?

There is always a demand in this business for new girls. Some guys like the new teen escorts in Canary Wharf and some guys go for the local housewife who has just started as a working girl. As long a girl knows what’s involved in working as a sex worker in Canary Wharf then she should be fine. Most young teen escorts come into the escort business straight from being a street prostitute, especially from areas where there are red light districts, these girls have nothing to learn, they’ve seen it all from their punters. A woman who suddenly decides that she wants to earn money working in a local massage parlour will have to learn the business from the ground up.

 How did you start as an escort?

I got married when I was 18 and had a baby at 19, by the time I was twenty my husband left and I was literally left holding the baby. With no formal qualifications there was little I could do except working in a bar or in the local supermarket. I knew that men fancied me, I was always being chatted-up, whether in the street of if I ever went out with friends. So I decided I would capitalize on my looks and offer my body in exchange for money, I mean, why give it away when men are more than willing to pay me. I first started in a Canary Wharf massage flat with another girl, we would take it in turns to service the next punter. I can still remember the first guy I had sex with for money, he was a very sweet married guy who told me his wife wasn’t interested in having sex. He paid me two hundred pounds for two hours and I was so happy. That day I made over five hundred pounds and I haven’t stopped making good money since.

 What service is most requested by clients?

Oral without condom is the number one request that I get from new punters, closely followed by full-on girlfriend experience, which includes kissing, oral both ways, lots of body contact and finishing with intercourse. I have read lots of articles about the money that webcam models make and it sounds an interesting idea. The problem with the webcam sites is that you cant be an escort and cam model at the same time. If I could promote myself as a webcam model who is also an escort in Canary Wharf I would certainly consider doing both.   

June is a young Thai escort in Canary Wharf

 Q; Do you offer erotic Thai massage in Canary Wharf?

A; Of course it’s my best and most popular service. First I will shower with the client and then I strip naked and rub my body all over his body. There isn’t really any difference; the body-2-body actions are the same in both Thai massage and Nuru massage. Most of the Thai girls that I know are Asian escorts in London. In Canary Wharf, escorts are really popular when they offer services without condom, oral, rimming, prostate massage and sometimes full sex.

Q; What is prostate massage?

A; Basically when a girl puts her finger up a man's arse and massages his prostate gland which is very pleasurable for a man. I don’t like giving prostate massage that much but I will do it if requested. Most Thai escorts in Canary Wharf like to have sex with clients, having good sex with a man makes him want to see the escort again so he becomes a regular client. I worked as a bar girl in Bangkok where I would dance for tourists and then they would choose a girl to go to a private room with. I knew I would work in the sex business and working as a Canary Wharf escort is very good for making money in the sex business.

Why are teenage students becoming Canary Wharf escorts for part-time work?

With the ever-increasing standards of living and the harsh economic time, everyone is looking to gain financial freedom. University students have not been left behind due to increased maintenance and student fees. In as much as they are in school in pursuit of a better future, there are many university students doing business and other activities to meet their daily needs as well as pay up their tuition fees. Over the last couple of years, the number of students becoming escorts and working for London escort agencies is increasing at an alarming rate. While most of the students justify this kind of work as a means to make ends meet in their college life, sex work and escort services are largely considered as a lifestyle choice. This is because, despite finishing up their studies and acquiring a good job, most of these people still turn to escort services to earn an extra income.

Are escort agencies actively recruiting University students?

Research has shown that there are more student male sex workers than their female counterparts. Several sex workers have been interviewed and their main reason for turning into sex work was due to the hardships they face in the university. One of the students interviewed said that she turned to be an escort in Canary Wharf at the age of 19 years. This is because she could not afford to pay their rent and there was no other available job. Working as an escort is discrete unlike working in a bar, for this reason, more students preferred it. Another student interviewed said that she loves education and she was bright in her studies but could not afford to pay for the fees thus she got into the escort services. She revealed that she was really into learning and once she's through with her undergraduate, she would go on to study masters but she would finance it through working as an East London escort. With the number of students working as an escort part-time, it would only be fair for the government to legalize escort agencies in London as well as strip clubs to provide education and protective measures to the students seeking to work as an escort instead of issuing threats and expulsions from their institutions.

Xlamma does not promote human trafficking or any type of illegal sex work, nor is any content within this site an offer for craigslist adult contacts in London to advertise or sell sex in return for money. Canary Wharf escorts are paid for their time as a companion only and any sexual encounters that may occur is by agreement with two consenting adults and in no way form part of the location escort agency booking contract.

Do Canary Wharf escorts do anal sex and deep throat?

Party girl escorts Canary Wharf and young party girl, teen 18 year old blonde friendly independent escort girl who gives a naughty girl experience with role play and a quality service. For the best Central London and sexy London escort girls are now offering anal sex without condoms.

Where can I find cheap escorts in Central London who engage in deep throat?

For the best escorts, Spanish escorts, black and ebony escorts with a gorgeous natural bady with a young, sweet, tight pussy and natural tits are available in Central London. Escorts with a sweet smile, big tits and wearing sexy outfits in Canary Wharf area enjoy passionate moments with no rush service. These extremely educated, big ass and a passionate lover are the sexiest Wharf escorts. All the details of these high class Canary Wharf escorts offering happy ending massage will spend time with clients for the best time.

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