From ‘taboo’ to ‘can-do’ why working as an escort in Stockport could be the job for you

A 2015 study found that almost a third of escorts and massage girls surveyed were students, with the majority of those on undergraduate courses. So, is stripping the part-time job you didn’t know you needed? If you are seeking to build body confidence and make some extra cash, this could be the perfect fit.

Female Empowerment 

There are a lot of arguments about whether working for an escort agency in Stockport can empower women or exploit them, but the fact is, for many women escorting is now a choice, not a last resort. It can be “instrumentalised […] to achieve longer term security and to develop opportunities outside the sex industry.” One ex-stripper, speaking to The Mirror, described the job as, “like a night out with your pals but it doesn’t cost a penny and you earn money too – a win-win situation.” Some women choose to do it even when they don’t need the money, like Alexandra Wright who wrote that she started because “it was fun,” and “being sexy is fun.” 

Body Confidence – being naked and adored!

Dressing up as a Stockport prostitute and stripping down can also work wonders for your body confidence and being surrounded by scantily clad women can teach you what real women’s bodies are like and how to love your own. The people who come into those clubs are there to see you, they adore the female form. Once you get that into your head, you will forget your personal hang ups, and your confidence will soar. Try standing in front of a mirror with nothing but heels on, pose and dance, then imagine that mirror is a client and you could be getting paid for that. If you managed not to cringe, this could be for you.

Develop Assertiveness 

Depending on your specific job description, you are likely to need to approach clients and offer private dances. This develops your assertiveness, which will be a useful skill in other careers and general life. As a Stockport massage girl you will get better at dealing with different types of clients, their moods and aggressiveness (luckily there are always bouncers on hand) which is a transferable skill for most jobs. It might even help you to stand out in a future interview if they ask that popular ‘when have you displayed excellent customer service or dealt with a difficult customer’ type question. You will be able to surprise them with tales that are a lot more interesting than people wanting refunds at Tesco.

Business Skills 

This is not your standard part-time job, it requires a bit more financial/admin effort, but hopefully it’s worth it. Most of these roles are self-employed positions where you don’t get an hourly rate, as an escort in Stockport you have to pay a ‘house fee’ to the club, and they also take a percentage of your money made on private dances. But, if you’re good at it, you can make a lot more than you would at other student jobs like waitressing or retail work. You just need to be organised, keep an eye on your finances, and accept that from time to time you will finish the night with less money than you started with.

Financial Gain

The money is as good as you are; in some clubs it can be competitive amongst the women to get dances, but if you are confident and a good conversationalist, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. A quick Google search for adult contacts in Stockport will show dogging in Stockport together with local women looking for no strings sex with single and married men, this shows that the highest starred reviews compliment places where women were happy just to talk, and were respectful, not pushy. Of course, some men are going to push the limits, but then so do some women on hen dos with male performers. Have faith in the bouncers – and maybe leave in a group at the end of the night. 

Flexible Hours 

As an independent female escort in Stockport you can choose/negotiate how many nights you work. It fits perfectly around your lectures and seminars, or if you want to supplement your current 9-5 job. How often are you busy between 9pm and 3am, really? (And being out clubbing doesn’t count, because you still kind of get to do that).

If they did it, why can’t you? – Celebrity examples

One student worked as a Stockport escort for three and a half years and said that it helped her to pay her bills, afford an apartment and invest in her goal of becoming an artist. By 20, she had accumulated approximately £20,000 from her work. Likewise,  Another Uni student stripped to pay for college, and then dropped out and worked full time for a Stockport escort agency. She once made £15,000 in one night when she worked at a massage parlour in Stockport. Many celebrities have dabbled in the industry before making it big, (men too) for the same reasons as you – flexible work, money, and because they’d rather do that than work in retail. (Let’s be honest, the other benefits are just an added bonus!)


If you are looking for a part-time job to help you through university, or to give you some extra cash on top of your 9-5, doesn’t working as Stockport escorts sound ideal? It is not dirty like the films make out, and in the UK ‘no-touching’ policies are standard; so really, what’s the harm in dancing and stripping and getting paid for people watching? PLUS: if you focus on your pole skills to really boost your performance, it is also a great workout so you will get stronger and more toned in the process. Maybe you won’t even want to give it up when you graduate/have made enough money, who knows. You will be feeling so empowered you could squash the world beneath your platform heels, no one will get in your way.