Why are university students signing on with Columbus escort agencies? It's no secret that university students are struggling for money, especially if this is their first time out on their own. "They're too busy partying to get a job." But the sad truth is, with rising living costs and extortionate tuition fees, they're getting the only jobs they can. But why escorting? Why would they stoop so low?

Are Columbus escorts and prostitutes different? Escorts are used more as entertainment and companionship and there doesn't have to be any sex work involved. They can be hired as a date to a party or event, or even just for a nice meal out. Sometimes they're just paying for someone to be there for them when no one else is. Prostitutes are there for sex and fantasies, for people to live out their sexual desires.

Do escorts in Columbus Ohio perform on webcams? Thanks to the internet, escorting also includes webcam sessions where all a person has to do is show their feet and the money rolls in. Webcamming is on the rise with university escorts as they don't have to show their face if they don't want to, and the clients don't either. Both escort and client can be completely anonymous. The client simply makes a request, and the student can say yes or no, but they usually say yes. It's something that happens daily behind closed doors. There are so many people out there doing it, and even more willing to pay for it. But universities won't.

Is becoming a sugar baby more advantageous than signing on with a Columbus escort agency? Some students find themselves a 'sugar daddy' instead. Usually, an older man who'll happily give them gifts or money in exchange for some company and attention. Some students, known as 'sugar babies' are paid a regular allowance, some are given lavish gifts, and some just have their bills paid. The average sugar baby can earn almost $2,500 per month, so it's no wonder they're turning to this over a regular part-time job.

Can I work as a part-time escort in Columbus? We all know this is happening, yet there's nothing in place to stop it having to. We see tuition fees go up and up, the cost of living too, but the students see less and less of their loans. Yes, there are part-time jobs out there, but there are only so many and when you can get paid double or even triple that working as an escort, it seems a lot more inviting.