What kind of girl becomes an escort in Houston? The archetypal sex worker has often been depicted as a woman with an alcohol or drug problem, having had to resort to selling her body to fund her habit. Think Wendy in Breaking Bad: bad dye job, leopard print coat, and a permanently worn-out, tired look on her face. Although there is undoubtedly a proportion of women who turn to sex work because they feel they have no other choice, what about those women who view it as an option? In many cases, women find they can earn better money than they might in a regular 9 to 5 job with sex workers earning roughly over $100,000 a year. This may be around $8,000 below the average salary but, more than half of sex workers report working for only 10 or fewer hours per week.

Do all Houston massage girls offer sexual services to their clients? Sex work is the oldest profession, though the stigma of the profession hasn't disappeared. Characterized as women who have no respect for their bodies, lack education/skills, and suffer from some form of addiction, the motivations behind becoming a sex worker are often thought to be negative. However, for many women, the Houston massage parlor business provides an opportunity to make good money in a career that has flexibility. What's more interesting is the demographic engaging in this line of work.

Are escort agencies actively recruiting students from Texas Universities? Perhaps unsurprisingly, the number of students working in Houston escort agency websites has risen in recent years, mainly due to the increase in fees and the growing cost of living. However, as one person on Quora eloquently put it: 'why can't they get a job at a grocery store?'. The truth? The money you'd be making behind the checkouts is less than you'd earn for a few hours of your time in the sex trade. Whilst money appears to be a big motivator for students, there are other factors at play. Liberating (The Digital Era).

What do the students who have worked as an escort have to say? With nearly half of those surveyed stating sexual pleasure as a motivator, it would be fair to say that many see sex work as liberating. Not only are they gaining money from the work but they're benefiting in other ways, undermining the stereotypical view that it is impoverished, unskilled women who are sex workers. What has added to this sense of liberation within the sex trade is increasing global digitalization. The rise of webcamming and internet-based sex has allowed women to work more safely with the University finding that 80% of the 641 Houston escorts and massage girls they surveyed agreed that internet-based sex work made them feel satisfied with their working conditions. With a wider audience, income can triple, or quadruple as found with sites such as OnlyFans.com which can be used to gain access to limited content (though not just sexually explicit content) with potential earnings of up to $7,500 a month. The surge of webcamming sites has enabled a different type of woman to engage with the sex trade, namely those looking to make extra money alongside their jobs. Additionally, the sex trade has become more accessible to those not wanting to put themselves in physical danger.

Do some escorts and call girls in Texas to feel that working for escort agencies is a liberating experience? It's hard to imagine a world where sex work will not be an occupation shrouded in stigma and stereotype. However, in 2020, some women do not conform to the stereotypes and see massage girls in Houston as an opportunity to make money by selling their bodies. There's no doubt that many women have more sinister motivations for joining the trade and that escorts and call girls still has a dark side. However, liberation and the possibility of a good income also rank highly as reasons for considering this line of work.