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The escorts industry began with in person connections, encouraged by social ranking and class and well love. The introduction of the internet speeds this up exponentially. Initially in the early days of the internet: when  dial up internet first became available to the masses and people first began to own computers, essentially one  per house, there were chat rooms - secretive and seductive places.

When laptops and computers went even further – one owned per person escorts sites were commonplace for  people on the curb middle age. Then came the mobile escorts age that we are currently in; a time where the  entire first world's own phones and the internet has become something that you could hold in the palm of your  hand – in turn so was escorts.

Does this mean that the escorts process has been cheapened? Is it less of a process now? Water down to  swipes that make ‘connecting’ with someone linear and fine-tuned. You can do it on the go; through mobile  applications that’s sole purpose is to “date” or ‘drop’ direct messages to people on phone applications that are  singularly meant for socialising. Does this mean that the definition of escorts has become looser and looser over time and that this has likely had a knock-on effect on what a relationship even is? Some would say so.

It’s hard to imagine in this current age what meeting someone organically looks like? To me? Terrifying, in a  word. escorts sites, escorts apps, things that you scoff at until you’re on them and even then it’s a laugh isn’t?  To the point that Tinder acts as hook-up site, Grindr a war ground and Bumble a prim and proper version of fast paced packaged escorts, ‘for professionals’ – for serious people. escorts intent has been categorised depending on what app you choose, and this is before you’ve even said hello.

Even before apps, there were chat rooms, when the internet was new…a fad even You’ve Got Mail screams  that these were slower but what are still meant to be considered as easier options than walking outside, but  waiting for dial up connection emails still created suspense, anticipation. Sleepless in Seattle says that there  were late night radio stations, god forbid we acknowledge that radio ever existed, which people would write letters to advertise their presence in the escorts market, to tell their romantic story for them. Something today seems odd, at the very least.

Perception of proposed partners has also changed.

What has technology, the internet done to escorts? American online escorts are supposedly a three-billion-dollar market, three billion dollars of tick boxes, perfect photographs, the wittiest bio summary, the most exciting  interests, the most down to earth haircut to make human connection easier? To make it less painful. To make  blind dates or group dates or speed escorts a thing of the past or to speed those up even more? To make them  fit our fast-paced lives all the more? To make ordinary lives reflect movie escorts more or take out the soft  centred parts that mislead us about people?

Some internet escorts are two hours of texting followed by nothing ever again. Some is years of back or forth to a  vague human mass at the end of a phone supporting you, in ways that maybe no one around you does. The TV show Catfish says, proves even that there is something to it, that escorts has possibly expanded with the  internet, morphing into something faceless that keeps us safe in a new way, that lets us be open in a new way.  But there’s still no real concrete promise of any new-aged romantic attempts going any more right than  traditional escorts, which is also what Catfish screams: what looks dodgy and seems untrue probably is! All  these people that get catfished, so many so that it redefined the word shows that humanity still hopes for connection. Despite the possibility that in all this modern metamorphosis of human interaction that maybe it’s  diminishing, we want it more than ever.

Maybe the internet has opened up escorts in inestimable ways but closed it in others. Is there less chance of  seeing someone on the street and striking up conversation? It feels like it. The escort scene does seem closed  somehow, like by creating all these faster ways to talk, people actually connecting with one another have gone  further out on a limb.

The internet allows you or anyone to see what someone around the world looks like, so there’s more emphasis  and idealisation of ‘the perfect partner’ that other industries thrive on, but the ability to trust anything outside  of this perfect bubble appears to me to be dwindling at bed.

In the past… maybe there was a rush to be with a sexy Asian girl in a massage parlor in Eugene OR, to start a life with another person that you have met on the adult classifieds in Eugene section, where the small town that you lived in could look like the edge of the world, where a person’s escorts pool was small and finite - now it feels as if there is more longing in escorts than anything else. There appears to be relentless searching  but very little found that allows people to stop searching. I think the internet has made searching for a perfect mate a relentless business, and has reinforced the idea that if you scour hard and long enough this vague without  fault ethereal being will make themselves known to you.

We are so wrapped up in this premise… encouraged and coerced on social media that there is a type of glory in  this search that we commit to watching happen repeatedly in the form of escorts shows. While our own  relationships sit inert, we watch people literally scour the earth for ‘love’ in escort shows, we vote and criticise  and question relationships that really have no reflection or link to our own. Love Island, The Circle, The  Bachelorette, The Bachelor – escorts has become a game, a show, a joke, a fiction. A fiction that we  simultaneously tell ourselves and create; it is our responsibility to make it more, to undo what the internet and media has done to escorts.