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What type of girls are choosing working for an escort agency in Gresham OR as a profession?

Mention the words ‘sex work’ and you’re probably going to divide opinion almost immediately. Even the word ‘sex’ alone can be enough to make some people blush, nevermind entertaining the idea that it could actually be turned into a profitable profession (yes, PROFESSION). Whilst many people may find the idea of sex work absolutely ridiculous and just plain wrong, many more disagree and believe that as the world around us is progressively becoming more liberal, it is as just as worthy a job title as any. There is an exchange of services for money, and doesn’t that pretty much sum up every type of career? 

A Range Of Services 

First of all, let’s demyth what being a sex worker actually entails in modern times. Pre digital age, sex work primarily consisted of prostitution and brothels, often putting women in dangerous situations and leaving them vulnerable to abuse, rape and violence. 

Of course there are instances where this is unfortunately still the case; the rise of ‘survival sex’ is something that desperately needs to be addressed by governments across the globe to aid those in need of food, shelter, and protection, to give people a choice to partake in this work or not, without feeling there isn’t any other option. 

However, the internet has drastically changed the way the sex indsutry operates, providing numerous online platfoms for these sexual transactions: porn sites, escort sites, onlyfans. This gives workers the option to sell sex, without putting themselves in physically dangerous positions. Each of these platforms have the same element of selling something of a sexual nature, but are different in terms of how they’re run, the custom they bring in, and communicating with clients. With platforms like onlyfans, there’s not even a need to show your face if you don’t wish to. 

Money, Money, Money 

We’ve all had hellish experiences working in jobs we hate, jobs that bring us genuine anxiety and distress, yet they take up the majority of our lives. In the vast majority of cases, we are rewarded with a minimum wage salary and a grand total of 28 days holiday a year, leaving us feeling undervalued and underappreciated. When put into perspective it’s shocking to see how much of our lives we willingly give away to capitalism just because it's seen as the norm. 

In contrast, having an onlyfans account, for example, is basically running your own business; working on your own hours, setting your own prices, and controlling who pays for your content. Additionally, sex work often pays more than minimum wage, with an average of 25 clients per week at $78 per hour, totaling at $7800 per month. Now, compare that to a 21 year old making $8.20 per hour, working 40 hours a week at a retail job, totalling at $1,312 a month. It’s easy to see the financial appeal of girls becoming prostitutes in Gresham, with many in this industry arguing they’d prefer to sell sex rather than in a retail position.

Behind The Scenes 

Whilst being interviewed by comedian, Sara Pascoe for her podcast ‘Sex, Power, Money’, sex workers Charlotte Rose and Eliza Harper, discussed their mainly positive experiences working in the sex industry. An interesting topic they mentioned was about the different elements that are necessary to become a successful sex worker, claiming that it is so much more than ‘lying back with your legs in the air’. 

According to Rose and Harper, sex workers who earn the most money have honed a serious skillset: 

This helped shed some light on the inner workings of the sex industry, and hopefully reduced the stigma that sex workers are unintelligent and are only of use in the bedroom. 


As the world around us develops, it’s important to recognise that sexuality is just another thing to also evolve. In recent years, people have started to grasp the concept that seuxality is definitely more of a spectrum rather than only choosing between two options: gay or straight? 

Labels such as pansexual, asexual, biromantic, are being used more and more frequently, and although labels aren’t always necessary, they can sometimes provide a great comfort for people who may be struggling to discover their sexual identity. 

How does this relate to sex work? Well, as we find ourselves more open to a range of sexualities, this freeing mindset shouldn’t have to end at finding employment through utilising this sexual freedom. As such, outdated opinions like ‘sleeping around is shameful and unladylike’ should be left in the past, as certain ideas usually are when society starts to progress. Remember when sex before marriage was considered a sin, as was divorce, or having children out of wedlock? It’s only natural for ideas and beliefs to evolve with the current times, and right now many men visit massage parlors in Gresham that take complete ownership of their bodies, and choose to work in this industry by choice and not necessity. Despite other people paying for their time and bodies, it is the workers themselves who allow this to happen in the first place. 

Decriminalisation Is Essential 

Providing a sexual service in exchange for money or goods is legal. However, it is illegal for women to work together in a brothel, which could simply mean working together in the same flat. Not only does this make it increasingly difficult for sex workers to find suitable room

mates and pay rent, it also greatly puts sex workers at a higher risk of attack, as they are forced to work solo to avoid breaking the law. 

Sex workers in America however, face even greater difficulties. Studies show that 40 million Americans admit to regularly watching porn, yet sex work remains illegal in most states. See how there is a miscommunication between reality and ideologies? It’s hypocritical to watch and enjoy porn whilst at the same time mocking, degrading and judging those working in that exact field. Decriminalisation would not only ensure sex workers got the respect they deserved, but would also provide stricter repercussions for those who damaged their health and safety. 


The sexwork in Gresham  may not be for everyone - and those in the profession definitely don’t claim that it is - but in 2021 there is no room for any shame or judgement surrounding the career, as long as those involved are consenting adults. The sex industry is currently flourishing due to the accessibility of the internet, and can offer a multitude of benefits that more typical jobs cannot. Maybe it’s time we viewed sex work as a viable career option, rather than degradging those trying to make a life for themselves on their own terms?

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