If a married man visits escorts in Vancouver WA with no emotional ties, just for a quick sexual encounter, does that constitute cheating?

I sit opposite my friend at the local bar like we do most Friday nights. We’ve been friends since high school and share memories that could raise an eyebrow or two. As most lifelong mates do, we chat freely, drifting in and out of comfortable silences as the evening passes by. At 9pm she finishes up her wine. She heads off to ‘work.’ “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do” I say, my usual jibe before she heads off for an evening of ‘how’s ya father’ ‘slap & tickle’ and a plethora of other idioms, not all so old fashioned, to describe the big ‘S’ word - SEX.

I am not referring to an evening of romantic lovemaking with her significant ‘other’, my friend is commonly known as a call girl in Vancouver WA And guess what? She just loves her job. Honestly, she does! Despite the often contradictive narrative and discourse associated with working in the sex trade, some individuals aren’t always there for easy money. 

(For the purpose of this article, I will refer to sex workers as escorts. However, I do recognise that there are a diversity of genders working in the industry.)


So, has society’s viewpoint changed towards people who work in the sex industry? I would say that is debatable; firmly entrenched beliefs and social conditioning often win out. Some would argue we are much more advanced and liberal thinkers than days of old but are we really? Especially when it comes to how we use our bodies.

There is a vast divide in opinions when it comes to legalizing sex work. In countries where sex work is legal, sex workers are liable for the same tax requirements and work protection as any other worker. So, in those places, it is seemingly as good an employment option as anything else. In other countries, involvement in the buying and selling of sex with prostitutes in Vancouver WA is not a crime and legal action can’t be taken. So, the startling truth is that some countries, and by extension, individuals, still view sex work and escorts in the same category as drug dealing or trafficking. The outcome of selling sex in countries such as Sudan often comes with the death penalty.

Why are such draconian methods still being used in a world that has made advancement in so many other ways?

The stigmatization of Vancouver WA escorts has developed over many years. suggest that “this stigma has engendered a misconception of the sex worker as an uneducated and poor individual, leading to a generally socially-acceptable disrespect and discrimination of these individuals.” Many people will still use the term ‘prostitution’ to describe someone that sells sexual services. This term further stigmatizes sex workers with its negative connotations and associations of immorality, violence and degradation. As well as independent laws, other factors contribute to the negative view of sex workers. Religion, environment and upbringing all shape our perception of the world around us. And certainly, there is no doubt that some countries still practice religions that are patriarchal and treat escorts as existing primarily to please men.


We have learned from the recent world pandemic that most people will form their views and opinions on what they are fed from mainstream media. How the media have portrayed sex workers has rarely been positive. This has not changed over the centuries. With the advancement of technology never has it been easier to research and use critical thinking skills to question information we are fed. Still, sadly, this remains the actions of the few,  rather than the majority. After all, isn’t it easier to follow an entrenched political narrative than challenge it? When rules are made, many people strictly adhere to them, without considering the said rule’s principles.

Of course, I am not saying that the laws of a country should not be obeyed. Most rules are there to keep us safe. But it is wise to consider the role storytelling plays in forming our opinions and adherence.

If you think that working for an escort agency in Vancouver WA absolutely should be a crime, consider why you feel that way and what influences your view. Is it a purely independent outlook or are your thoughts shaped and governed by a selection of heavily biased information. It is useful to consider if our research is driven by confirmation bias.

Individual choice

It’s time to open the mind and engage our wonderful ability to think for ourselves. Sex is a natural and dominant instinct that we share with all animals. Whether we enjoy it within the sanctity of marriage or a partnership, let’s not deny it’s a driving force in our lives. The porn industry is a multi-million-pound business, with millions of workers.

Do not assume that because a person is selling their body that they have no self-respect or cannot earn money in other ways.

Celebrating sexuality as an escort or massage girls in Vancouver WA is a large stride on the journey to equality. escorts everywhere have the right to decide how they want to use their body. Working in the sex trade is a human right. Despite the debate, decriminalizing sex work would protect workers by enabling them to enjoy and receive all the benefits of other job roles. Making sex work illegal encourages violence and crime and further reinforces the cultural narrative.

We hear the word degradation used a lot concerning sex work. But I ask you; If a person engaging in an activity is doing so willingly and receiving pleasure in doing it, is that act still classed as degrading? Of course not,  because degradation denotes a feeling of shame and humiliation. If a sex worker enjoys her job, then no one has the right to assume she is being degraded. According to a study led by, Dr Sanders found that 70% of Vancouver WA escorts previously had professional jobs and more than a third had university degrees. Interestingly, most commented that they enjoyed their job and found it flexible, although slightly fearful of the ‘stigma’ associated with the work.

So, has society’s viewpoint changed? Although I cannot speak for individual thoughts, society, in general, still views sex work as seedy and demeaning. Criminalising the sex industry is still common in many countries. You don’t have to be a hardcore feminist to conclude that we really need a radical change in how we process information and absorb social narrative. As is the case with gender issues, opinions may have changed, but behaviour certainly hasn’t; however, that is a subject for another day.


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