How much money can an escort make in a week?

Stephanie works in a massage parlour in Ilford. I see around 15 clients a day. Men come to me so I don’t have any travelling, each client pays me for a full service which includes; OWO, hand relief, I do anal sex and I will let guys go down on me.  Working as an escort I make a lot of money and go back home at the weekends with a couple of thousand in my purse, there are not many single mums in the area of Bradford where I live that have the money that I make.

Would you advise any other girls to work as an Ilford escort?

Absolutely, if any girls actually read this, then I would tell them that Ilford escorts are about to become better paid than any escort inEssex, because here the escorts are in such high demand.  

Where can I find a teen escort in Ilford?

Kim 19,  has been working as an escort. I own my own flat, have a great car and still make a couple of thousand a week, working for an Ilford escort agency has been good for me. 

 Are there any mature escorts in Ilford that offer erotic massage?

Mature escorts can make a lot of money because older sex workers are in demand, believe it or not with younger clients. As a mature escort I only see younger men and they really look after me. I have had guys who work in the city want to take me on holidays and to exotic places. 

What type of girl becomes an escort?

In this day and age, there are many reasons for a young woman to consider becoming an Ilford escort. Here are a few reasons why I haven’t. I’ve been a freelancer for the past seven years and have therefore often found myself in between work, out of a job or on a very low income. In desperate times like those I have looked into alternative ways of making some dough, and by alternative I mean things that I wouldn’t put on my CV, like selling sex toys, selling used sex toys (much harder to advertise), making fetish videos (like blowing up a pool float dressed as Chewbacca) or hosting Tupperware parties. 

Should students in Essex work for escort agencies in Ilford?

But even as degrading as those parties were, I’ve never actually seriously considered becoming an Essex escort, even though most of my female friends have suggested I should give this a go several times. To be fair, my friends are of the sort who would consider joining an escort service themselves. One of my friends tried one of those rich-man-hot-girl-matchmaker web apps where you get paired up to be some posh guy’s arm candy. If he likes you, he becomes your sugar daddy. Any girl’s dream, I know. But I would never do it myself, for several reasons: 

Can anyone work in a massage parlour in Ilford?

I haven’t done it already. Had I been smarter, I would have signed up back when I was a university student. It would have been the perfect time to do it. Teen girls 18+ are highly sought-after, they’re at the age where they can drink away the harrowing memories without the hangovers being too intense and because they’re simultaneously getting a degree, they don’t end up with a gap in their CVs. But I was not that smart, which is also why I committed to getting a degree in Tourism. 

Two, you have to be open-minded, not overly squeamish about sleeping with someone you’re not attracted to, able to switch off emotionally as well as being perky, look flawlessly gorgeous all the time AND have the drive of a corporate professional who wants to make a lot of money. Puh sounds bloody exhausting! I don’t have any of those qualities. They also say to get yourself a second phone, a stylish wardrobe and a money checker pen, as you normally get cash in hand and there is a lot of counterfeiting going on. Sounds a lot like when I was working as a tour guide, which was stressful enough without the added sex. 

Three, I am not a risk-taker. Disease, sexual abuse, violence, murder. The threats are many and I won’t deliberately put myself in a vulnerable position. Now, they say the benefit of being an escort is that you have more of a safety net than an escort in Woodford would have. You don’t pull on the street, you get money upfront, much higher fees and there are rules for what you can and can’t discuss and for where you should and shouldn’t go, for your own safety. You can also advertise yourself, as it’s completely legal, and you get to be paraded around like a trophy wife rather than hidden behind the curtain like a whore. So it’s about five steps removed from being a prostitute, or something like that. And you can always say “no” to sleeping with the client if they’re threatening or even just dirty. But it’s essentially your own responsibility to follow these rules and there’s still no guarantee that you won’t end up in a sticky situation, so to speak. 

Do all Essex escorts offer sexual services to clients?

Some escorts in Ilford don’t have sex at all and offer massages instead, although this still means that you have to touch the person and you have to be a pretty good masseuse to make top dollar. I’m not very good at giving massages as I have arthritis in my family and my hands cramp up quite easily. They also say to get yourself a driver who can wait outside until the deed is done but the only one I know with a car is my friend Matt, and I don’t know how many times a week he’s available, as he works late shifts. The last one is that I don’t really see the appeal in dating. Look, I’ve been out and about, around town, up and down but I truly hate going on dates. It’s awkward and if I don’t like you, I won’t smile. I can’t. It’s just not worth it. The energy it takes to make the muscles in my face go that way, it’s just too much of an effort. And then after all of that I’m supposed to have sex with you at some point during this event? Absolutely not. I would just go home, thus not making any money. In short, I’d be a terrible escort and in these Coronavirus-ridden times you have to incorporate gloves, masks, sanitizer and all that jazz. It just seems like even more hassle. I think I’d rather give the used sex toys another go, at least I can do that from home. 

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