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Ashley Madison is an online escorts service established in 2002 targeted at people in marriages or long-term relationships. The controversial site flourished, amassing over 32 million users. The social networking site’s life was to be cut short after it was involved in a data breach in 2015. Consequently, the data of millions of cheating spouses became available for the world to see – unsurprisingly putting many relationships at risk. The hackers referred to themselves as ‘The Impact Team’. The data obtained from the breach included login information as well as users’ payment details. The cyber-attack then escalated and users were threatened with the information being exposed if they did not pay a $1000 ransom.

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Ashley Madison has since been put back up and now has over 60 million users. Despite the data breach and deterioration of thousands of relationships, none of this seemed to deter people from signing up for the scandalous site. So, the website has an intriguingly messy history – but the question remains. Should Ashley Madison have existed in the first place, or does it massively overstep moral boundaries?

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Infidelity is something that has existed since the dawn of time. The advent of online escorts has created a new opportunity for people to form relationships generally, and the opportunity to cheat is an inevitable by-product that Ashley Madison has chosen to capitalise on. Online escorts are a fast and easy way to interact with people, filtering out those who don’t appeal and connecting with those who stand out. escorts sites allow you to explicitly state what you are looking for, narrowing down the pool of potential partners.

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Meeting people in real life can take time, and everybody craves human contact, so why not make it easier to find? Whether the craving is sexual or for a deeper, more emotional connection, online escorts allow people to search for whatever it is they are looking for. Online escorts do not discriminate, it creates opportunities to form all different types of relationships from long-term, to casual and of course, affairs.

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Ashley Madison boldly markets itself towards those intending to be unfaithful with its notorious slogan “Life is short. Have an affair.” Extramarital affairs are a shocking and upsetting concept to many people, but this does not change the fact that they happen. YouGov reported that 1 in 5 British adults admit to having an affair. The chances are, we all probably know someone who has cheated – even if it was never admitted.

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Cheating is a spectrum that consists of both emotional and sexual infidelity. For some, just speaking to another person online may not technically be seen as cheating. These types of boundaries vary from couple to couple. Looking at why people cheat might shed light on why Ashley Madison has so many users. Men tend to cheat for sexual reasons, while women are more likely to cheat to feel emotionally fulfilled. Men are more inclined to be unfaithful with work colleagues, and women with friends. This encompasses how male cheating tends to be more opportunistic and women, more calculated and rooted in emotions. Ashley Madison is opportunistic in nature, giving men an extremely easy platform for finding partners for an affair. This might explain why the site’s male to female ratio is 70:30. Online escorts, by nature, are more difficult for forming instant emotional connections but are known for facilitating hookups.

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The demand speaks for itself. Does this raise the question as to who is really to blame – Ashley Madison or the people using it? While it gives a specific outlet to spouses who are looking to be unfaithful, it was not what incited this urge in the first place. It simply gives people the means to act on it.

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The target audience for such a site is those who are already prone to being unfaithful, or at least prone to the temptation.  Ashley Madison gives these people the opportunity to explore their hidden desires and will either help to manifest them into reality or make the person realise that it is all just fantasy – not something they actually wish to act on. A digital platform that enables spouses to connect with new potential partners offers a form of a transition period between getting the impulse (infidelity) and acting on it. This takes away any sense of the act being accidental or not thought through, helping to give the person clarity on whether they truly want to make such a decision.

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Ashley Madison is the perfect website for people to explore their repressed impulses of infidelity. In a world where we all spend so much time adhering to social norms, some impulses fall outside of the range of what is deemed as acceptable but are natural nonetheless. When you look at the statistics of how many people cheat or even have thought about cheating (1 in 3 people) it comes as no surprise the website sees such success. In an ideal world, premarital affairs would not exist.

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If relationships were really that straightforward, we would not be seeing soaring divorce rates globally. The higher rates of divorce we see today are not due to there being a higher number of unhappy relationships, but the divorce itself being normalised. As society progresses, so does the nature of relationships and what was previously considered unacceptable is gradually evolving. Several scientists and psychologists argue that humans are not naturally monogamous and that it is rooted more in social acceptance than evolution. Having sites such as Ashley Madison is simply an outlet for people to explore the natural, instinctive desires inherent to human nature.

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It is a cynical take, especially for those hopeless romantics out there. The site undeniably encouraged a vast amount of deceit and pain. However, people capable of such acts using an escorts site would likely have found a different outlet eventually. The scandal of Ashley Madison took the world by storm by highlighting the ease at which people can be both deceitful and greedy, defying everything that a marriage is supposed to represent. It is perhaps the stringent nature of marriage itself which results in people eventually rebelling, and the taboo nature of cheating which makes it that little bit more thrilling. That’s not to say that infidelity should be normalised, but if boundaries were better established within each individual relationship rather than being confined to what a conventional marriage tells us is acceptable, there would likely be a lot less heartbreak in the world.